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Fall-themed content inspiration to fill your editorial calendar

Posted 8 months ago by Skimlinks

It’s time to think about fall. Before you know it, the holiday shopping season will be upon us, but before we get there fall offers a lot of great opportunities to monetise commerce content. So we’ve put together a few content ideas to get inspired for the fall season:

Refinery29 – A high/low fashion find post

A broad fashion piece is a great way to kick off fall. Mixing and matching designer and fast fashion items, at high and low price points means you have something for everyone and increase the chance of converting off fashion content.

Brit + Co. – A DIY Post

A DIY post is a good idea at any time of the year, but can be a particularly good thing in the Fall. For starters Halloween is on the horizon, with all the creative opportunities that brings, and for another people will be thinking about how they get things in order for the holiday season.

Primer Magazine – An Outfit Post

Fall is a time of change and people are always on the lookout for ways to make the transition easier. So an outfit post, that outlines how to update your wardrobe, is a great way to seize on the season.

Good Housekeeping – Thanksgiving themed ideas

When you start to think about Fall, it is difficult to forget about Thanksgiving. It kicks off the Black Friday weekend and has rapidly become an ecommerce event in it’s own right. This idea from Good Housekeeping shows a different take on commerce content ideas for Thanksgiving, with advice on how to create centerpieces.

Harper’s Bazaar – Buying guide

Buying guides are a fantastic way to talk about the new season on your site. This can be positioned in a way that’s relevant to your site. If your focus is more on shoes for example, you can talk about the new fall styles (like the one here from Harper’s Bazaar.) However, if your site is more tech-focused you can do a roundup of recommendations on the latest gadgets to take readers into the fall season.

These are just a few ways of incorporating the season in your editorial calendar. To get more product ideas, look up our Merchant Pages, where you can find out more about the 27,000 Merchants we partner with.

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