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Skimlinks for Brands & Merchants

Expand your reach online and grow your business

Skimlinks creates an environment that encourages quality publishers to write about brands and their products more often. Our technology removes the complexities of traditional affiliate marketing, allowing publishers to focus on what they do best – creating quality content and fostering communities – while we help them make money from their content.

Access to our premium publisher network

Leverage our network of more than 57,000 premium content publishers, manually vetted, to drive sales of your products and increase revenue from earned content.

Commerce content matters

Our network drove just more than $1b of e-commerce transactions last year. With 80% of consumers researching online before making a purchase, we help our merchants ensure their products are part of that research and feature in content across 1.5 million domains.

Some of the merchants who work with us

Merchant FAQ's

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Add Skimlinks to your network program:

Our dedicated merchant team are always adding new brands to our growing merchant network. So we can start working with you, make sure we’re approved on your affiliate network program.


Join our Preferred Partner Program:

Merchants in our Preferred Partner Program typically grow 30% after joining the program. They are more visible to our publishers, more written about, and drive more sales through our network because their commission rates are more attractive than the average.

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The tools you need to succeed

With our Merchant Hub you can get insights to optimize your affiliate strategy. You can understand which publishers drive you the most sales, which domains start most shopping journeys, gain a more nuanced view than limiting yourself to post click and much more. It’s designed to help you succeed in mind.

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