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Easily Discover if a Merchant has an Affiliate Program with Editor Toolbar

The Skimlinks Editor Toolbar is the easy-to-use Chrome Extension that will become part of your workflow. Any publisher who is writing commerce content must have it installed – so join over 10,000 other users who have installed the Editor Toolbar here!

Once installed, Publishers can:

  • View if a merchant has an affiliate program directly on Google Search results, without having to navigate away from the Merchant’s website and login to any other system – this works when you are searching for a merchant by name, category or even specific products
  • Without having to use Google Search, go directly onto the merchant’s website to see if they have an active affiliate program, and see what the conditions and rates are
  • Create short affiliate links to use in social media, newsletters and even print, and generate revenue from all touchpoints directly from the toolbar
  • Easily see the average commission rate the merchant has paid over the last 90 days
  • If you manage multiple domains, the ability to select the domain you want to affiliate so that the relevant commission rates show

As pictured below, a blue Skimlinks logo signifies that the merchant has an affiliate program in the country where you are based, while a grey Skimlinks logo signifies that the merchant has an affiliate program outside the country where you are based. You can then click on the logo and it will load the merchant profile page for more information.

Make sure you are logged in to the Editor Toolbar, have the Editor Toolbar open in Chrome and conduct your search. Here is a short video on the Editor Toolbar:

If you aren’t using the Editor Toolbar, you can download and install it now.


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