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Our Team

Will McGregor

Senior Devops Engineer
Whisky | Coffee | Street Fighter II

Jen Langdon

Twins | Chilli Fiend | Geek

Laszlo Fesus

Data Engineer
Data architecture | Hiking | The Csárdás Princess

Colin Grossman

Technical Delivery Manager
Runner | Dad | Penguins

Alice Chauvel

Marketing Executive - Engagement
Otaku | Traveller | Tea Club

Genevieve Croley

Merchant Coordinator
Fashion | Froyo | Matcha

Carlos Andre

Software Engineer
Sci-Fi | Beer | Travel

Nayan Tolia

Senior Publisher Development Manager
Coke Zero | Veggie | Traveller

Neal Madlani

Senior QA Engineer
Whiskey I Father I Traveller

Geoff Sia

Head of Publisher Development, Enterprise
Traveller | Shenanigans | Art

Alessio Fabiani

Software Engineer
Rome | Macchiato | Personal Development

Dylan Lentini

Data Engineer
Traveller | Hockey | Data

Rafa Diaz

DevOps Engineer
Theatre | Linux | Travel

Sahan Bulathwela

Data Science Engineer
Machine Learning | Cricket | Choral Music

Richard Johnson

Coffee Fiend | Geek | Carnivore

Alasdair Ellis

Graduate Engineer
Geek | History | Gadgeteer

Clarke Henderson

Insights and Intelligence Analyst
History | Working Out | Whisky

Chris Frost

Senior Product Manager
Snowboarder | Veggie | Beer

Inês Liberato

Product Analyst
High Heels | Cakes | Automobiles

Jenny Williams

Head of Merchant Development
Foodie | Traveller | PSG

Olivia Rowe

EA & Internal Operations Manager
Foodie | Harry Potter Fan | Lacrosse

Alex Nguyen

Business Analyst
Football | Sushi | Sneakerhead

Robin Landy

Strategic Partnerships, Business Development & Special Projects
Shwarma | Chilli Fiend | Arrested Development

Rob Cowie

Senior Software Engineer
Beer | Coffee Fiend | Foodie

Samir Halteh

Senior Publisher Development Manager
Cyclist | Coffee Fiend | Sun

Jamie Crews

Operations Manager
Domain Man | Tennis | Sun Follower

Nic Goodall

QA Manager
Rugby | Whisky | Braai

Amy Robinson

Operations Manager
Arrested Development | Hummus | Roland TB-303

James Lovelace

Director of Commercial Partnerships
Footie I Surfing I Earl Grey

Buck Smith

VP Sales & Business Development
Pho lover | Ferry commuter | BizDev

Neil Menday

UI/UX Design Manager
Robots | Sushi | Design

Martin Goodson

VP Data Science
Computational Statistics | Traveller | Conga

Allan Brisbane

Senior Python Developer
Outlaw Biker | Meat | MotoGP

Shaun Barron

Foodie | Geek | Snowboarder

Adam Westreich

Publisher Development Manager
Banjo | Daily Burrito | Make It Funky

Matthieu Pivard

VP Platform & Operations and Skimlinks Fellow
Diet coke | New Father | Traveller

Lindsay O’Gorman

VP, Marketing
Shoes | Whisky | Timepieces

Crystina Zhang

Senior Merchant Executive
Foodie | World Music | Geek

Shane Cluskey

Designer & Illustrator
Drawing | Squash | Music

Kamil Pluta

Senior Software Engineer
Engineering | Real Madrid | Polish

Deanna Williams

Programme Manager
Peppermint Tea | Bargain Shopper | World Cinema

Tamás Szikszai

Senior Engineer and Skimlinks Fellow
Red Bull | Chronic Smoker | Hamburger Fan

Tom Layfield

Product Manager
Hip-hop | Traveller | Fitness

Ivana Nentcheva

QA Engineer
Curly friend :D | Automation | Seaside camps

Dario Nebuloni

Operations Analyst
Pasta | Erasmus | Rock n’ Roll

Kasia Grobelny

Content & Community Manager
Chocolate lover | Travel junkie | Wine-o

Maria Mestre

Data scientist
Machine Learning | Meetups | Cocktails

Jay Singh

Enterprise Publisher Development Manager
Lion Whisperer | CFC | Sheesha King

Joe Foulkes

Senior QA Engineer
Liverpool FC I MMA I PC Gaming

Robin Jack

Insight and intelligence analyst
Shakespeare | Cheap wine | Chronic smoker

Christopher McPhail

UX/UI Designer
Foodie | Traveller | MMA

Sofia Kallin

Financial Controller
F1 | Traveller | Gadgeteer

Elliott Cunningham

Operations Analyst
The Midlands | Pork Pies | Naps

Karol Kowalski

Lead Engineer - Front end
StartUps | Coffee | Personal Development

Neenu Ramakrishnan

Senior QA Engineer
Coffee Fiend | World Music | Badminton

Vincent Comby

Front-End Engineer
Guitar | Gigs | Startups

Andrea Crotti

Software Engineer
Rollerblades I Ice Cream I Linux

Angus Bankes

Chief Information Officer
Quiz | Scorpion | Quagga

Saz Ehibor-Smith

Customer Success Advocate
Football | Fam | Food

Carly Wood

Office Manager
Beach | Northerner | Cheese

Eduardo Berbis

Software Engineer
Personal Growth | Traveller | Startups

Tom Allin

Head of Publisher Development
Rugby | Festivals | Clubs

Niamh O’Reilly

Lead Recruiter
Foodie | 30 Rock | Veggie(ish)

Eve Donnelly

Office Assistant
West Wing | Baker | American Politics

Alistair Broomhead

Software Engineer
Tea Club | Board Games | Martial Arts

Joe Stepniewski

Co-founder & CPO
Avocado | New Father | Boris Biker

Tommy Olarewaju

IT Support Analyst
NFL | Gundam | Video Games

Erik Pazos

Data Scientist
Judo | Neural Networks | Craft Beers

Edward Thomas

Head of Audience
Wine I Bread I Advertising

Naz Isik

Publisher Development Manager
Fashion | Inquisitive..... | Animal Lover

John Maguire

Publisher Development Manager
Hitch | Scribe | Cinephile

Alicia Navarro

Co-founder & CEO
Foodie | Buffy Fan | Traveller

Steph Gosling

Senior Systems Administrator
Tea Club | LondonSkate | Boris Biker
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