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Who can use Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is suitable for all kinds of online publishers - if you've got product-related content,
we can monetize it!

& Editorial

From niche blogs to editorial sites - if you have an engaged audience and good traffic, you could be earning through Skimlinks.

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& Communities

If your forum or community loves to discuss products and services, Skimlinks could unlock a new revenue stream you'd usually miss.

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News Sites

When monetizing your news site, you’ll need a flexible solution to suit your sensitive content - Skimlinks could be the answer.

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Large scale affiliate marketing is time-consuming and labor intensive - so let us do it for you.

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Want to offer Skimlinks to your own network of publishers? Quick deployment is possible with our simple integration APIs.

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"I think the service you provide is a god-send! It gets to be a pain when I have to sign up for multiple affiliate programs; it sometimes makes me skip the whole process all together (and saying no to revenue is not something I take lightly)."
"Skimlinks helps us monetise our content in a really seamless way, which is great for our users. Our editors and users can pick and choose products from merchant sites, and Skimlinks does all the hard work of creating and managing affiliate links from this content."
"As an independent publisher, affiliate links were always our biggest problem as we only do 'deep links' and the overhead to create them wasn't worth the potential revenue. Now we can just focus on our editorial and leave the rest to Skimlinks!"
"Skimlinks is a 'no brainer' solution which instantly turns member generated content into cash. This is why we allow members to post links to commercial websites in our forum despite some of them being in direct competition with the services we provide."
"The Skimlinks technology is quite incredible - and boy does it make the lives of our editorial team so much easier. Not having to log in and out of affiliate networks the whole time is a dream - not to mention all the commission that slips through the net due to things like broken links. Wish we'd come up with it!"
"Future's online advertising revenues continue to grow at a healthy rate and Skimlinks will be an important tool to drive additional digital revenue streams on our sites. Skimlinks enables Future to benefit from the best affiliate deals, whilst our users get straight to the products and offers they want."
Future Publishing
"Editorial integrity is key to everything that we do so we would never want to ask any of the editorial guys to put anything up that they didn’t feel was necessary or right or didn’t fit with their brand, so with Skimlinks, editorial don’t even have to know it’s there in a lot of cases."
The Mirror
"The hassle, expense and administration involved in providing each member of a multi-author website with affiliate link building tools is eradicated with Skimlinks.
Now, the entire team at PS3 Attitude can monetise the site by just linking to standard product pages at thousands of merchant websites. As all our revenue is given to charity, the resulting increase in sales is of huge benefit to our causes."
Who else uses Skimlinks?
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