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What follows is a study that Skimlinks and Shop Direct conducted to help the industry better understand how the Last Click attribution model works, as well as its impact on publishers, advertisers, and all channels within the consumer’s purchase journey in affiliate marketing.

The study found that while content sites are frequently the valuable source of purchase intent, they are not adequately rewarded by the Last Click attribution model, leading to missed opportunities for both content publishers and advertisers.

From Skimlinks:
“Forward-thinking CMOs and marketers need to shift away from the Last Click attribution model in affiliate marketing if they want to reward publishers for creating valuable commerce-related content," said Alicia Navarro, CEO and co-founder of Skimlinks. "The current model undervalues the power of original editorial content in sparking purchase intent in consumers. Content sites like blogs, forums and social commerce sites incentivize based on features, and those feature-based discussions are how real influence and awareness of brands is generated.”
From Shop Direct:
“Retailers may find the prospect of paying on an alternative model to last click daunting given the likelihood of an increase in marketing costs. What retailers must consider, though, is that they are probably missing out on exposure as commercially savvy content sites tend to promote the brands they earn more from,” said Ryan Jones, Online Marketing Executive at Shop Direct. “Those retailers that can reward content sites on a fully attributed view are therefore creating a USP for themselves in the eye of the publisher, which should lead to greater coverage. It is then up to the retailer to decide which attribution model and rate works best for them based on profitability and the way users engage with their brands.”
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