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SkimWords finds merchant and product references in your content and turns them into links, directing your users to where they can buy the items mentioned. Through our natural language processing algorithms, we detect product references accurately in content and offer geo­-targeted, useful links to the user.

How it works


Mention brand, retailer names or products (only available with the full version) in your content.


SkimWords will automatically turn those words into relevant, normal looking, links.


If enabled, the optional product & price comparison flyover will replace the tooltip on specific SkimWords phrases with a price or product-comparison flyover.


SkimWords links are automatically affiliated on-click, so every time your readers click through a SkimWords link and make a purchase, you’ll earn revenue.

Tailor SkimWords to suit your site

SkimWords has two settings to choose from:

  1. SkimWords Lite only hyperlinks merchant names and domains.
  2. SkimWords full version which finds and links specific product references in your content accurately to the most relevant retailer for that product.

These settings can be adjusted for link density. You can choose the number of links that appear on your page to ensure it’s a good fit for your audience.

Manage SkimWords with Skimlinks Editor, our Chrome extension

Customize how SkimWords operates on your site with Skimlinks Editor and choose where the selected phrases should link to. Even if you don’t have SkimWords turned on, you can still add SkimWords links to your content on an ad-hoc, page-by-page basis. Links stay current and are optimized for both yield and your users’ location. More about Skimlinks Editor.

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