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Get relevant, revenue-generating links in your content, automatically

The in-text monetization solution that adds value to the user experience

More revenues. Intelligent links.

Never irrelevant, SkimWords finds specific product references in your content and turns them into links to where your users can buy the items mentioned.

Our innovative technology uses natural language processing algorithms to detect product references accurately in your content, offering geo­-targeted, useful links for the user. As an optional extra, hovering over these links will show product matches and price comparison.

It augments, rather than intrudes on user experience: SkimWords is not an in­-text advertising solution, we only create links when we find specific product references, and aim to help users discover and find the products they are reading about.

We are the only technology in the world that can detect granular product references in content, in real­-time across multiple verticals, and link them accurately to the most relevant retailer of that product.

Don’t want SkimWords running automatically across your site? Fear not. With the new Skimlinks Editor tool, you can easily control how SkimWords operates on your site by removing, editing or adding product links that stay current, geo­-targeted, and yield-­optimized over time. Intelligent links can be automatically added to all pages or on a page by page basis, offering you unprecedented control of how links are monetized.

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Link addition

Product & price comparison flyover (optional)

Free to use, with no impact to page performance. Try it’ll be impressed!
How SkimWords works
Offer your users all the info they need on products mentioned in your content, right on the page, with SkimWords!

Optimize your opportunities to earn with SkimWords

  • We use advanced algorithms to determine the best product references to turn into links, and the best merchants to link to, based on yield and behavioral optimization.

  • Product matches and price comparison can be enabled as a flyover to appear on mouse-over of the links we create, offering users more value and leading to higher click-throughs and conversions.

  • Control the format of the created links and determine how specific or loose you want the product matching to be: make SkimWords work just the way you want.

  • Coverage of multiple verticals, such as consumer electronics, fashion & beauty, mothering, sports & lifestyle, and automotive.

"While most in-text advertising is seen as invasive, Skimlinks worked with us to temper the system to the tastes of our readers. SkimWords has excelled at bringing a form of commissioned links to HardOCP, that is seen as a tool by our readers rather than advertisement that interrupted their flow of reading. Our guests genuinely appreciate the quality and content of the SkimWords overlays."
Kyle Bennett, Editor-in-Chief, HardOCP

Custom options to suit your site

Because we know every publisher is different, SkimWords is available in a range of different implementation options.

You choose how it works for you!

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