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We are actively looking for special people to join the Skimlinks family. Please feel free to recommend special people you know that may be suitable or apply yourself if you want to be a part of our innovative growing company.

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Who we are...

  • We believe that a good company is full of good people: ethical, caring, sincere, with loads of personality.
  • We're all über-passionate about our products & every one of us takes on the responsibility for their success.
  • We welcome creativity and a bit of quirkiness (with a special regard for Mac lovers).
  • We appreciate ideas and input from every member of the team.
  • We're super social and love having a cheeky pint at the pub on a Friday evening.

We have pretty high standards here at Skimlinks. We work with the most progressive, interesting and exciting players in the online-monetization industry, hire the most motivated and hard working people to work with us and we won't even look at an avocado unless it's perfectly ripe.

Skimlinks' innovation attracts advertisers, publishers and platforms that line up to work closely with us, however we still remain humble and focused on great customer service. We look to hire people who reflect these characteristics.

So do you think you can measure up? Then we'd love to chat with you!

Why work at Skimlinks?

  • Join a start-up with a big mission:

    To revolutionize the way web publishers earn money from their content.

  • We're making waves!

    We've been featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, New Media Age, TechCrunch, BrandRepublic and Mashable.

  • Get social:

    Attend events to meet and charm our partners and industry friends.

  • Have a giggle:

    On outings like punting in Cambridge, team karaoke and outdoor office days.

  • Good music:

    Attempt to wrestle control of the office music selection on Spotify.

  • Work in the heart of Shoreditch:

    Nestled in with the tech start-ups, hip agencies and extensive nightlife.

  • Learn more about our company

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