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We give you access to more merchants and better rates

Our approval process means you can earn revenue from all 24,000+ Skimlinks merchant programs from day one. Other services may skip the initial approval process, but you’ll have to wait to get full access to their listed retailers.

We use our scale and experience to negotiate exclusive commission rates from hundreds of Preferred Partners, so you know you’re getting a good deal. We’re also very proactive at helping publishers get approved for exclusive merchant programs.

We provide useful solutions

Our range of products and tools make it super easy for you to boost revenues in multiple ways: Automatically affiliate links, monetize links on social media, access searchable product feeds and measure your content’s performance – and that’s just the beginning.

The intent data and insights you get access to will help you create more compelling content to grow your audience, increase your earning potential and power your content-to-commerce strategy.

Features and tools

We are all about you!

Skimlinks is all about the people. We pride ourselves on building relationships with everyone we work with and bringing our personality and passion to everything we do.

With dedicated teams in New York and London you can get in touch with us any time, day or night.

Our technology is trusted by thousands

We are obsessed with creating innovative solutions for online publishers – and have been doing so since starting in 2007.

We know up-time is critical for our customers, so we are deployed in the cloud across four international locations to deliver fully redundant and ultra-fast responsive times.

Oh yeah, and we’re also the trusted choice for over 1.5 million of the world’s top publisher domains already, so you can be confident your site is in good hands.

See who works with us

#Winning. We are internationally recognized

We swept a record three awards at affiliate marketing’s top awards, the A4Us in 2009 and another two at the New Media Age Awards.

We’ve also been recognized in a whole host of start-up and business awards and in 2010, we scooped the Technology Genius Award at the LinkShare Golden Link Awards, a nod to the truly innovative nature of our products.

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