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Fuel Your Content With Timely, Detailed Product Data

The Skimlinks Product Key is a tool designed to support Publishers looking to create commerce content with an enhanced product focus. Providing access to real-time product information for millions of products, it lets Publishers feature the latest product data in their commerce content, including:

  • Current pricing
  • Up-to-date stock information
  • Product descriptions
  • Product images

The Product Key provides Publishers with a universal one-stop-shop for high-quality product information, which they can use to:

  • Discover alternative merchants and products to feature in their content
  • Create dynamic commerce content, with product data updating automatically
  • Power widgets to promote related products the reader may also be interested in, as well as alternative products and merchants to purchase from
  • Save their readers time by offering price comparisons and alternative merchants for out-of-stock items
  • Offer more products and merchants in their content – helping them earn more commission for the sales they drive.

The Product Key is available in two formats – as an API and as a Feed. The API is updated every two hours with real-time product information and can be called and ingested into your systems. With the Feed, information is delivered to you daily, according to your requirements, and is available in a range of formats to suit your needs.

Interested in the Product Key? Contact your Account Manager to learn more. Please note, this is only available to US Publishers at this time.

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