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Monetize links across all your channels with Link Wrapper

By using our JavaScript and AMP extension, we provide you with automated solutions to monetize your Commerce Content. However, there can be situations when you need monetize links through a solution tailored to you and that’s why we have our Link Wrapper. The Link Wrapper lets you monetize links outside of your website, such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • In-App
  • Print
  • Apple News


  • Use JavaScript and Link Wrapper together to help generate and track revenue from various distribution channels
  • By hard-coding links in your content, you can also retain monetization of syndicated content
Create and hard-code links using the Editor Toolbar “Get link” feature, or head over to the Toolbox in the Publisher Hub to generate your affiliate link. You can also implement Link Wrapper as part of your CMS system – more documentation is available here.

URL Shortener

The Skimlinks URL Shortener allows you to create short affiliate links that you can place anywhere. Use them across your social media channels, add them to print articles or even throw them up on a billboard.

If you prefer, you can use our Link Generator tool in the Tools section to shorten links. Try the Link Generator now.

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