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Link monetization API & more

Make the most of our technology.

By using our JavaScript, together with our plugins for WordPress and Drupal, we provide you with a robust way to use it in most places. However, there can be situations when you need a solution tailored to you and that’s why we have our Link Wrapper.

The Link Wrapper lets you use Skimlinks in places you wouldn’t normally be able to; such as in Adobe Flash Applications, mobile apps, iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


  • Use Skimlinks in your own website linking/redirect scripts
  • Monetize your apps even if they can’t use JavaScript
  • Easy to use; set up in minutes
  • Use the custom subID parameter to segment revenues
  • Use our custom subdomain functionality to make links appear more integrated on your site
  • Free to use for all Skimlinks publishers

URL Shortener

The Skimlinks URL Shortener allows you to create short affiliate links that you can place anywhere. Post the links on Twitter, Facebook, include them in email newsletters, print or even throw them up on a billboard.

If you prefer, you can use our Link Generator tool in the Tools section to shorten links. Try the Link Generator.

Merchant API

This is the main tool for publishers wishing to know statistics about the merchants on our networks. The Merchant API returns all merchants that Skimlinks works with and gives you droves of information including commission rate, conversion rate and domains associated with the merchant. The API can also be used to conduct searches for merchants. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.


  • Filter our list of 24,000+ merchants by category and name to decide which links to push through Skimlinks
  • Learn how much each merchant pays for the sales you drive
  • Find out the average conversion rate of the merchant
  • Free to use for all Skimlinks publishers

Reporting API

Delve into your commission data by going beyond the Hub reporting interface. This API provides you with a snapshot of every commission you receive through Skimlinks from every merchant and network. It also allows you to do subID tracking, which is the process used to segment the commission data you receive from us. You can also identify where your commissions originated from, such as the specific page, user or section of pages and users on your site; perfect for in-depth analysis.


  • Import commission data directly into your own reporting and optimization systems
  • Track pages that are generating commissions
  • Segment your commissions based on a unique value such as user, or individual click
  • Free to use if you utilize the SkimLinks JavaScript or Link API to monetize the links
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