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Create Affiliate Links that Generate Revenue with JavaScript

Make sure to have the Skimlinks JavaScript installed to transform links into affiliate links that will generate revenue. The JavaScript code is used by 60,000 publishers across the globe and running on 4.6 billion pages every day. Join over 60,000 publishers who generate revenue from affiliate links by installing the code here.

What are the benefits of installing JavaScript?

  • Once you install the JavaScript, there is no further technical implementation needed – you are set up and links you create will automatically be affiliated
  • JavaScript not only monetizes links in new content but also monetizes the links in your entire archive so you can start generating revenue from all your Commerce Content immediately
  • Publishers earn commission on the consumers total basket value
  • It is reliable and does not impact page load, SEO, or user experience
  • It tracks clicks on your links so you can see which of your content resonates with your readers
  • Publishers can have full control over which sections of their content is monetized
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