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How to use the Publisher Hub

The Publisher Hub is the personal command center for Skimlinks publishers. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize settings, access our reporting suite and support services and take advantage of additional tools to boost your revenue.


The Performance section of the Publisher Hub allows you to delve deeper into the analytics and insights that can help shape and optimize your content strategy. Find out more about revenue, clicks and sales broken down by date, merchant, site and unaffiliated clicks.

Account overview reveals a list of the domains currently in your Skimlinks account. Select a domain to load the performance reports for that particular site or choose all to see aggregate data across your combined domains.


The Performance section provides key analytics about your domains, including:

  • Daily Reports – a quick overview of your performance by day. Includes revenues, clicks, EPC, order sales and the mighty conversion rate on a daily basis.
  • Merchant Reports – see which merchants your users are buying from.
  • Sites – see how your sites perform against each other. Because everyone loves competition.
  • Unaffiliated Clicks – clicks which can’t be monetized or merchants that sit outside of our network.

The default time period for analytic reports is set to ‘Last 30 days’, but there are several options to customize the date range for the information you’d like to see.

Publisher Insights

Skimlinks Publisher Insights provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about how your pages and products are performing so that you can optimize and make the most of your content.

While Skimlinks has a lot to do with affiliate, we also provide you with invaluable data on the behaviors of your readers — what they read and engage with, what they click on and what they buy. Editorial teams can use this data to better understand what works and what doesn’t.

Products report

Access the list of product links and respective merchants that have generated the most revenue over the last 30 days. The section is broken down into top products trending on your website(s) and across the network.

Top Product links

Top Product links shows you the most popular product links on your site as well as across our entire network.

  • ‘On this site’ report shows you your top performing outbound product links across your sites, ordered by clicks. The results can be narrowed down by category.
  • ‘Across network’ shows you the most popular products, by category, across the Skimlinks Publisher network.
Product Purchase Feed

The Product Purchase Feed aggregates the products sold, the merchants where the products were purchased as well as the price, revenue and units sold.

It can be used in conjunction with the previous reports. While the pages report gives you information about the pages your readers love to look at and click on, this one tells you the products your readers love to buy and which merchants they prefer. This kind of data is helpful when you are trying to find inspiration for your next post.

Pages report

This section of Insights highlights your best and worst performing pages. The report breaks down the data to provide you with concrete and actionable insights as well as detailed recommendations about how to better optimize your pages.

High yield/Low traffic

This report shows you the pages on your site(s) that monetize well, but have received relatively low traffic. In practical terms what this means is that some of the links on certain pages are performing extraordinarily well, but those pages are not receiving as much traffic as they deserve.

The high yield/low traffic insights report includes recommendations and practical tips on how to increase traffic to these pages through social media to boost your earning potential.

High traffic/Low yield

The high traffic/low yield report shows you the pages on your site(s) that are receiving a lot of traffic, but not generating much revenue.

There are several reasons pages receiving a lot of traffic may not be making much money. This report provides you with practical tips on how to better optimize your links on these pages to increase revenue opportunities. Essentially we look at the links on your pages with high traffic and low yield, match them with products across our merchant network and suggest links that will give you a higher commission.

Merchant Search

The Merchants search allows you to to explore, discover and find all the merchants that Skimlinks works with, as well as the commissions they pay.

Use the Merchants search feature to look up merchants by name, category or country. If the merchant is included in our network, any links in your content to that merchant will earn a commission when a user makes a purchase. You can filter search results by category and country.

We also use our scale to negotiate the best commission rates for our publishers, so you know you’re getting a good deal through Skimlinks. A ‘Preferred Partner’ has agreed to at least a 34% commission increase compared to their standard network rate; which means you’ll earn more through Skimlinks than their direct affiliate programs.

See all our Preferred Partners by simply selecting the trophy icon from the Merchants Search section.

Merchant report

Learn what merchants your readers love purchasing from with the Merchant Report. This report allows you to discover your top merchants, how much revenue they’ve brought in and how they are converting in relation to clicks.

For more granular information, click on the different icons. For example, if you want to know who your top converting merchants are, you can click on the respective section and the report will display your high converting merchants. You can do this for any other metric within the report.

Merchant Discovery

To create great content every day, you need the right mix of new, niche merchants that are connoisseur finds and trusted go-to brands you can always rely on to convert. Here are a few simple tricks for finding the right balance of freshness, recognition, and high commission rates

Look out for VIP and Preferred merchants

  • VIPs are our new, elite tier of merchants — top performers who typically offer double their standard commission rates or more, for Skimlinks publishers. Spot them instantly in the Hub by looking for the shiny gold trophy.
  • Preferred merchants, identified by the blue trophy, are high performers who offer special commission increases for Skimlinks publishers at an average of 50% over their standard rates.

Whenever you pick a merchant to link to, go with VIP and Preferred first.

Search and sort

Looking for fresh faces with high commission rates in fashion or tech? Filter by category, keyword, region, and partner status, then sort by commission rate or EPC (Earnings per Click) to find great brands with even better payouts. Update your evergreen articles or feature them in new content and enjoy a well deserved earnings boost.

Check out merchant profiles for more commission rate info

Some merchants have tiered commissions that vary per category of product, volume, or other criteria. We make things simple by giving you the scoop on the rates, as well as calculating the average payout for that merchant, so you can always make a well informed decision about who to link to.

Use the Editor Tool to make merchant discovery a part of your day

The Skimlinks Editor Tool browser extension is the perfect sidekick to your monetization efforts because it alerts you when you visit a Skimlinks merchant site and gives you an affiliated short URL on the spot. You can immediately add products or brands you love to content, post them to social media, or even send them in direct messages to shopper friends.


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