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Editor toolbar

The Skimlinks Editor tool is a browser extension aimed at editors and bloggers to help create monetizable content on the fly.

The Editor toolbar empowers you to optimize how you monetize your content by providing you with the information and tools you need at the point of content creation. It alerts you when you visit the website of a merchant in the Skimlinks network and tells you how what the average commission rate is over the last 90 days.

Discover the average commission rate merchants pay

Skimlinks Editor Toolbar appears on your browser as an icon that animates whenever you visit the website of a merchant in our network. Clicking on the icon will bring up information on the last 90 day average commission rate that retailer pays and whether they are a Preferred Partner – merchants who pay Skimlinks publishers above average commission rates.

Shorten and share affiliate URLs while you browse

Skimlinks Editor lets you copy and share affiliate URLs directly from your browser. If you copy the full URL to your Skimlinks enabled site, our technology will automatically affiliate it.

You can also shorten links to post them on social media, email, and any other non-Skimlinks enabled site. The shortening process automatically affiliates the link.

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