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OffBeat Empire

How Offbeat Empire uses Skimlinks Editor for social media monetization


How to add value to your 100,000+ social media followers, while creating monetizable links


The Skimlinks Editor tool allowed Offbeat Empire to easily share & monetize popular products with readers through social media

  • A twofold increase in Skimlinks revenue
  • 25,000+ monetizable links created

Founded by Ariel Meadow Stallings, the Offbeat Empire is a Seattle-based digital publishing company covering weddings, lifestyle and more. The Offbeat Empire began with Offbeat Bride, which Ariel launched to support the release of her book. Today, the site highlights wedding stories featuring couples from all walks of life as well as inspiration posts, information about vendors, tips, and a vibrant online community to discuss all details with. The site expanded to include Offbeat Home & Life and Offbeat Families and the three websites equate to nearly 2 million unique visitors each month worldwide.


Across the multiple publications, OffBeat Empire’s sites and forums receive thousands of comments from engaged users each month, many containing products that are popular among the readers. Due to the interactive nature of the site, chances are that the products readers share in one of OffBeat Empire’s sites, will be popular with the readers of the other sites. Ariel needed a fast and easy way to share popular products with all her readers via her social media tools.


Ariel, the founder of Offbeat Empire, uses the Skimlinks Editor browser add-on as her monetization social media assistant. Without having to use any other tool, Skimlinks Editor allowed Ariel to source and share links directly from her browser without having to leave the page that she’s on.

This meant that a process that used to be tedious and required moving from tab to tab in order to share — from finding the links to shortening them and then sharing on social media — became quick and easy. With the simple click of a button, a short, monetizable URL is created that can be immediately shared outside of the site.

For Ariel, using Skimlinks Editor meant that she could share popular products across the different social channels of Offbeat Empire, adding a new revenue source she can rely on.

If someone from the comments last month was talking about a specific dress, chances are other readers would enjoy it as well. The sourcing and sharing process was made easier by Skimlinks Editor because I don’t have to leave the product page that I’m looking at.

Ariel Meadow Stallings, Founder & Publisher, Offbeat Empire


With the help of Skimlinks Editor, Offbeat Empire’s monetized links shared on social media have received more than 25,000 clicks to date, which led to a staggering twofold increase in Skimlinks revenue.


Monetizable clicks from links generated by Skimlinks Editor

A twofold

Increase in Skimlinks revenue

As a social media tool it’s become more and more powerful to me as my followers have gone up to the 6 digits. I’m reaching as many people via the Facebook page as I’m reaching via my own URL. I’m now using Skimlinks really heavily for social media monetization.

Ariel Meadow Stallings, Founder & Publisher, Offbeat Empire

Ariel's keys to success:

  1. Sourcing from your community can be really powerful, if you have an engaged readership you can use them to do the research for you
  2. Use Skimlinks Insights to drive the indications of what products your readership likes
  3. Understanding that your social media can be a parallel stream of monetized content
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