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How a coupon site dramatically increased its revenue thanks to Skimlinks preferred partner relationships


How to improve coupon offers to users while increasing affiliate revenues through content

Solution leveraged Skimlinks’ Preferred Partner merchants instead of their own network accounts which helped the publisher continue providing quality coupons while also earning revenue

  • Quintupled daily Skimlinks revenue
  • Highlighted merchants from Skimlinks Preferred Partner program with higher commission rates on their site, resulting in increased user engagement and a revenue increase

Coupon site offers customers daily deals and coupons for a wide variety of merchants and retailers including Macy’s, Amazon, Sephora, Newegg and many more. The publisher also writes a helpful blog with money-saving tips on car repair, laundry, first dates and more.


As demand increased for’s coupons, they wanted to keep their diverse audience engaged by widening their offering to include a larger variety of merchants.
They needed to increase the amounts of merchants their coupons covered as well as continuing to monetize their content.


Understanding’s goal to increase revenue while enriching the user experience, our publisher development team recommended taking advantage of Skimlinks Preferred Partner Program – a growing group of merchants who offer higher commissions (at least 34% higher) and exclusive rates to Skimlinks publishers.

As a Skimlinks publisher already, had immediate access to these higher rates – and started adapting its content strategy to incorporate more preferred partners. The Skimlinks team also notified of additional coupon-friendly merchants and all the latest commission rates.


Knowing which merchants performed better for their customers was a key insight the publishers made thanks to Skimlinks. The ability to utilize Skimlinks Preferred Partner links – in lieu of their own network accounts on their site – allowed to grow their daily Skimlinks revenue fivefold, an incredible 400 percent increase.

Quintupled daily revenue

By using Skimlinks Preferred Partners that give better commissions to coupon sites

Highlighted Preferred Partners

With higher commission rates, resulting in increased user engagement and a revenue increase's keys to success:

  1. Pay attention to Skimlinks’ Preferred Partners and provide coupons to those merchants where relevant on your site
  2. Use merchants reports to stay up to date about merchant deals and promotions to provide timely coupons to your readers
  3. Use Skimlinks Insights to see how your coupons are performing, tailoring your content so that it resonates with readers
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