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How AudioKarma monetized their online forum without affecting the user experience


AudioKarma needed an easy and automated way to monetize its forum posts.


Skimlinks automatically affiliated thousands of relevant product links.

  • 0 hours spent affiliating links
  • Thousands of affiliated links generating revenue without compromising the user experience

AudioKarma is a forum devoted to all things audio. Millions of posts take place on the site every year ranging from discussions on general audio to vintage equipment, tubes, music, spakers and more. The forum’s tagline is appropriately ‘All Audio – No attitude’.


Between server fees, upgrade costs, various projects and general forum maintenance, it was hard for AudioKarma to generate the cash needed to run a great forum, as traditional online advertising was not an option. Yet, forum operation and maintenance never comes cheap or easy, and money was needed to re-invest into website.

We are running the forum because its a passion of our readers; we don’t want to cheapen our site by splashing ads across the page.

David Goldstein - Owner, AudioKarma


David ended up deciding to implement Skimlinks in AudioKarma. Crucially, the fact that Skimlinks only affiliates existing product links from new and old posts alike, and that it doesn’t affect the user experience created the conditions for David to make this choice. In addition, Skimlinks was a great way to supplement the donations and sponsorships he was receiving.

We were looking for a way to make money and add value to our members at the same time. That’s when we found Skimlinks.

David Goldstein - Owner, AudioKarma


After spending a few minutes to set up the code on his site, David was able to focus on his day to day work, building AudioKarma and work on programs like AKFest, a festival affiliated with AudioKarma, without having to worry about the monetization side. David had tried other affiliate programs before found that there wasn’t much comparison.

0 hours

Spent affiliating links

Thousands of affiliated links

Generating revenue without compromising the user experience

Skimlinks has been the the most productive affiliate program has ever used. Revenues are simply unmatched by comparable programs.

David Goldstein - Owner, AudioKarma

AudioKarma's keys to success:

  • Don’t sacrifice usability on your site over revenue
  • Only implement ads that bring value to the readers
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