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How a voucher code site streamlined its affiliate marketing process and increased revenue with Skimlinks


How to save time and streamline the affiliate marketing process

Solution leveraged Skimlinks’ automated affiliate technology to instantly affiliate links


- 80 hours saved a month from manually adding affiliate links

- Improved user experience by eliminating any broken links thanks to Skimlinks automatic process

- Access to merchants with higher commission rates through Skimlinks Preferred Partner Program increased revenue

Voucher code site is a website dedicated to helping customers save money through daily deals and discounts for a wide variety of retailers across several merchant categories including: cosmetics, fashion, home & garden and supermarkets.


One of the main challenges 360VoucherCodes was facing was the time spent on manually implementing each voucher code. This process was extremely tedious and also inconsistent. The mechanism made it difficult for 360VoucherCodes to keep up with constantly changing tracking links. If a merchant moved or was no longer active on an affiliate network, this would result in customers landing on 404 error pages.

In addition, the deal site had trouble connecting with merchants for commission rate increases.


360VoucherCodes switched over all their tracking links to Skimlinks, saving themselves the time and effort needed to manually put in each affiliate code.

Furthermore, instead of requesting commission increases from each network individually, with Skimlinks, 360VoucherCodes gained access to the Skimlinks Partner Program. Preferred partners have a commission rate that is 34% higher and automatically gave 360VoucherCodes more opportunities to earn.


With Skimlinks automatically affiliating all merchant links, 360VoucherCodes saved 20 hours a week and 80 hours total month-to-month on the affiliate marketing process. Skimlinks technology also ensured any inactive links were redirected to the merchant’s website instead of rendering an error message — a great win for customer experience. With links tracked correctly, revenue also increased allowing 360VoucherCodes to focus on its customers and driving the business forward.

Through the Preferred Partner program 360VoucherCodes was able to get better commission rates in various merchant categories, including cosmetics, fashion, home & garden and many more.

Skimlinks has helped us to increase revenue with their preferred partners, we can heavily promote these brands and generate higher commission that we would do working directly with the affiliate networks. We used to spend hours every day negotiating commission increases with merchants, but Skimlinks helps reduce this workload as they do all the negotiating for us, it’s brilliant!

— Mike Meade, Director,

Saved 80 hours a month

Switching to Skimlinks, saved 360VoucherCodes from manually implementing affiliate links

Better customer experience

With Skimlinks automatic affiliation, there were no more broken affiliate links that would lead to an error message

Highlighted Preferred Partner merchants

With higher commission rates, resulting in increased user engagement and a revenue increase

360VoucherCode’s keys to success:

  • Use Skimlinks to automatically affiliate all merchant links, saving precious time and resources
  • Highlight Skimlinks’ Preferred Partners to help increase commissions
  • Use the Publisher Hub to easily track all sales/conversion rates in lieu of logging into 10 different networks
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