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Skimlinks Careers: We're Hiring!

Skimlinks rewards publishers for the role their content plays in purchase journeys and equips advertisers with insights from the world’s largest source of shopping intent data available in the platform of their choice.

Job opportunities at Skimlinks

Learn more about what each of our teams do day-to-day and what job opportunities we have open right now.

At Skimlinks we want to build monetization products that our publishers love to adopt, are welcomed by advertisers and benefit end-users. We have a direct view of the browsing and shopping behaviours of over 1.6 billion people worldwide, processing 1TB of data and handling 1bn events every day. We apply machine learning to this data to predict user behaviour at unprecedented levels of accuracy.

Our core infrastructure is globally load-balanced across 3 different Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions backed by a data warehouse in Google Cloud Services. Our engineers work across a tech stack that includes Python, Spark, Javascript, Java, MySQL, Backbone.js, Requirejs, Highcharts, Hadoop (Pig + Hive), AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, DynamoDB, MongoDB and Redis. Together with our Product Management team they continuously innovate to ensure that our portfolio is as cutting-edge and user-friendly as it can be.

Current opportunities in Tech

DevOps Engineer

  Skimlinks is the leading content-to-commerce platform globally, helping publishers monetize their editorial content, and marketers find people who want to buy their products. Skimlinks’ platform creates new revenue for publishers by: automating the affiliation of commerce-related content, and s... More »

#Skimlove encapsulates the core characteristics that we look for in every hire we make, the things that we stand for as a team, and the commitments we make to one another.

We commit to be being better every day and helping our team be better. We commit time and resources that allow our team to focus on Social responsibility and contribution, Kinship and family, Introspection and self-awareness, Mentoring & coaching others, Learning & development, Ownership & accountability, Vitality, health & wellness and Exploration & discovery.

Our Skimlove Principles & Commitments are:

We have four guiding principles:
1) We take care of each other
2) We enjoy the journey together
3) We don’t take the p*ss (and don’t bullsh*t either!)
4) We help each other be better versions of ourselves

  • We take care of each other

    We offer our team members a range of benefits that give them peace of mind including Healthcare Cash Plans, Private Medical Insurance, Pension/401k contributions, monthly Wellness Contributions (to spend on gym/yoga/meditation classes) and Life Assurance.

  • We enjoy the journey together

    Team members are granted stock options so that we can all share in Skimlinks’ success. We reward loyalty by offering Length of Service awards such as extra annual leave and sabbaticals. We know how to have fun! There are parties, mystery trips, gaming nights, ping pong tournaments (Skimbledon!), touch rugby and football league teams, pub quizzes…

  • We don’t take the piss (and we don’t bullsh*t either)!

    We give our team responsibility and ownership and we ensure everyone feels a sense of accountability. Product ideas and decisions can come from anyone on the team. You have the power to advocate for and actualize innovation at Skimlinks.

  • We help each other be better versions of ourselves

    We commit to giving everyone dedicated time & budget for learning and development activities. Everyone gets paid time off for volunteering & social responsibility commitments. We offer mentoring and coaching opportunities and ask everyone to take responsibility for sharing knowledge across the business.

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