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Your Beginners’ Guide to Skimlinks

Posted 1 year ago by Skimlinks

Our mission is to make it easy for publishers’ to get rewarded for the role they play in purchase decisions.

In order to start making money with us, there are a few hoops to jump through and best practices to apply, so to guide you through the process we’ve created a brand new Beginners’ Guide.

It’s designed to act as your companion, while you explore the platform, get to grips with our tools and start making money from the awesome content you’re creating.

We’ve split it into five sections, each of which will help you with a different stage of your Skimlinks journey and set you up for future success working with us.

Inside you’ll find out:

– How to install the Javascript code which powers our technology – How our social media solution helps you monetize your content across all channels and formats – What Comtent is and how you can start creating it – What types of Comtent there are – How to make the most of our network of 20,000 merchants and choose who to feature in your content – And much, much more!

Download the guide and get started.

With it we’re confident you’ll be all set to start out on your Skimlinks journey.

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