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Writing parenting comtent for the holidays

Posted 2 years ago by Skimlinks

A great topic to feature during the holidays is parenting, with the option to write comtent for multiple different ages, covering different types of gifts, including toys, which were our top performing category last Black Friday. These tips should help get you started!

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1. Record the precious moments

According to our data, people that buy toddler equipment are 22% more likely to buy cameras and with so many milestone moments to cover over the holidays, writing comtent around cameras is a great way to get into the festive spirit.

Canon are offering a 3.91% commission rate to Skimlinks publishers and a have a great range of cameras to help readers capture those precious moments forever.

2. Personal gifts make things super festive

The holidays see most families spend time together and that means personalized gifts will make things extra festive. UK retailer Not On The High Street have a huge spread of gifts that can be personalized for the extra touch at Christmas and are also offering an 8% commission rate for Skimlinks publishers.

They’re also offering great commission, so make sure to include them in your parenting comtent through the holidays!

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3. Don’t forget about practical parenting

Although the holidays do mean a lot to parents, sometimes they just need practical help with baby basics like diapers and children’s must have like toys! Fortunately our network has options for both, so you can craft a Baby Basics Gift Guide or Toys gift guide ahead of time.

Amazon have a 20% off diapers offer running for anyone who signs up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime — perfect for placing orders over the holiday season for presents for those near and dear!

So there you have it — comtent ideas galore for you to help parents this holiday season. Make sure to check out our guide to monetizing across social media this holiday season so you can make the most of the holidays!

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