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WATCH: When should you start planning for the holiday season?

Posted 6 months ago by Angus

The holiday season is hurtling towards us and if you aren’t prepared then you could miss out on the most critical time of year. Publishers, merchants and marketers alike all have their best success in Q4, so we created a holiday insights report and ran two events to highlight how to make the most of the season. And now we’re sharing some of those highlights, in short Youtube clips on our channel and in a series of blog posts. This week’s set of clips focused on timings: when should I write content? Is it ever too early to get started? And when should you look at planning.

1: Is it ever too early to talk about the holiday season?

The eternal question (or one of them, at least!). Christmas creep has certainly pushed the season earlier each year, but when should you start releasing content, promotions and offers to your audience? Our New York panel, Jessica Spira (Wirecutter), Katelyn Mullen (Huffington Post) and Anchit Dhawan (Spring) chat through their takes on when the season really starts.

2: When should you start planning your holiday strategy?

New York again! But this time the panelists are on a different topic, if there are times when it is and isn’t acceptable to talk about the holidays with readers and consumers, what time should you prepare everything, to make sure you’re making the most of the time of year? Watch what they said below:

3. Is the holiday season starting earlier every year?

To London now, where our UK panel: Chris Worthy (ebay), Filip Janczak (Bluebella), Jon Hicks (Gamer Network) and Henry Burrell (IDG UK), tackle the conspiracy head on: do those Christmas decorations really come out earlier each and every year? See whether they think Christmas starts in September or delays until December:

If you liked those clips, you can watch all the rest of the clips using the playlist link below, to make sure you’re ready for Black Friday And Beyond!

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