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WATCH: How to win on Black Friday And Beyond

Posted 1 year ago by Skimlinks

Fail to prepare for Black Friday and the proverb will play itself out as you might expect.

Avoiding that pitfall means being ready for the holiday season well in advance. So we asked industry experts from Huffington Post, IDG UK and more for their insider tips on succeeding in the holiday season. You can see what they had to say in the three videos below and over on our YouTube channel too.

How do you create content for the holiday season?

The consensus? Step up what you do the rest of the year.

In particular, pay close attention to your SEO strategy and make sure you’re being savvy about it. This requires a mix of technique and timing. You need to pick the right keywords to compete effectively, but you also need to publish content with enough time for it to rank preferentially, particularly when you’re relying on search to drive your traffic. As the lines between publishers, merchants and retailers blur, competition is going to be fiercer, so finding top performing keywords, looking at what’s performed well previously and timing your content schedule just right will be key to pulling off content success during the holiday season.

How does your organisational process change in the holiday season?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the busiest time too. Which you can approach one of two ways: either you scale up with the intention of taking on demand head on, or you prioritise on the things that will pay off the most and trust that those will move the needle enough. That can mean turning to a freelancer network, hiring additional staff for the duration of holiday peak, or instead zeroing in on top-performing content formats, focusing on your top product categories, and running with those. Resources will dictate which way you approach the surge.

What other ecommerce opportunities are there in the holiday season?

You can’t get away from how important Black Friday. It’s the make or break day of the season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities to take advantage of too.

As delivery rates advance, more last-minute millennials are likely to take a riskier approach than peers, focusing on ordering right up until last guaranteed shipping date for Christmas.

Likewise the Cyber Weekend that’s grown up around Black Friday, including Thanksgiving and “Silent” Saturday and Sunday, provides plenty of alternative ecommerce opportunities to design content around.

By all means go big on Black Friday, but think about the other opportunities you can take advantage of too.

If you want more video tips, you can checkout the full playlist of holiday insights on our YouTube channel. Big Month for Books!

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