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Valentine’s Day ideas: Themed content your readers will love

Posted 7 months ago by Skimlinks

In The Sex And The City movie, Miranda asks Carrie whether Valentine’s Day is “on steroids this year?”

And strictly speaking, Miranda’s right that Valentine’s Day is never like it was last year, especially if you think about it in ecommerce terms. Spending has only increased with time: between 2009 and 2019, the average amount that people planned to spend on Valentine’s Day increased by $60, according to the NRF

With holiday spending projected to reach more than $20 billion in total, Valentine’s Day is a huge ecommerce opportunity, and one we heartily encourage our publishers to take advantage of. So, with this opportunity in mind, we thought it’d help to outline how you can create content your readers love and increase your chance of generating greater commerce content revenue on Valentine’s Day at the same time:

The ever reliable Gift Guide

Gift guides are everywhere and the basic formula has not changed. Curate a list of products you believe in, state why you believe in them and watch people begin their shopping journeys. In fact the only real change has been to make the gift guide even better. Include price comparisons, vary the brands you write about to keep your readers’ budgets in mind, and think outside of the box. For Valentine’s Day that can mean thinking about the people that hate the holiday too. Take this fantastic post from for example: They have all kinds of different products included and they offer something different to what’s out there.

What to buy him

Valentine’s Day is often thought-off as a one way holiday. And looking at heterosexual couples it is easy to see why: One estimates says men spend 65% more than women on V-Day. But women are spending on men too, and with the rise of the “pink dollar”, there’s room for Valentine’s Day commerce content to cater for everyone. This post from Good Housekeeping offers a great alternative to standard candy and flowers content.

Help people make the holiday personal to them

You can see why people go generic on V-Day. People lead busier and busier lives, which leaves less and less time for them to actually invest in gift hunting. Personalization is key to a meaningful gift: Over half of UK consumers think retailers should offer more options to personalize gifts. Look at this Huffington Post article for inspiration: It is packed with products at different prices to offer something personalized to everyone. Experiences are also becoming increasingly popular on Valentine’s Day: the NRF reports that nearly half of millennials have given an experience as a gift, and 83% are interested in giving one in the future. 

Make making plans easy

Chances are a couple will be going out on a date on Valentine’s Day. But like everything else with this most commercial of holidays, people have become uninspired. A trip to the cinema, or for dinner at a favourite restaurant, is cute but it doesn’t really look like a reflection of how excited you feel about someone. So write about different date ideas, and things people could do with them. This Marie Claire post is great because it talks about lots of alternatives idea from ghost tours to roller blading to a poetry reading. The more weird and wonderful, the better.

Dare to DIY

Few people in this world are arts and crafts masters. But with the right tips, and insights, people can make personal gifts from scratch that mean the world to people. It is also a great opportunity to feature smaller merchants, who can offer higher commission rates than larger merchants. Match up your DIY activity with the right merchant and you may end up better off than writing a generic Valentine’s Day gift guide. This post from BuzzFeed for example features a ton of different merchants, with a ton of fun creative ideas that are simple and easy for everyone to follow.

Themed content can be helpful, humorous and everything in between. And if you monetize the content with affiliate links, it is a great opportunity to get rewarded for the shopping journeys you inspire too. To get started on your Valentine’s Day content head to our merchant pages now and start perusing who you’ll write about this year.

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