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UK Retail Sales, AdWords for Video, and Falling in Love with Your Blog... It's Skimming the News!

Posted 4 years ago by Alasdair

This week we saw some disappointing retail numbers coming in from the UK (but eCommerce was not effected), Amex launched a pay-by-tweet service, and tech hit the runway at the Decoded Fashion Hackathon Finale at Fashion Week. We’ve got some Valentine’s Day timely tips on how to spice up your romance… with your blog, as well as a visual explanation of how to use Creative Commons images. We hope you have a #skimlove-ly weekend; it’s Skimming the News!


Surprisingly bad UK retail sales are alarming for everyone but online retailers via Quartz
British retail sales saw a surprising drop in January promoting concern about the “triple-dip” recession. Quartz supposes, however, that the only beneficiaries of this will be eCommerce retailers. Is it bad news for small business, or just the result of a cold and snowy month?

Facebook Newsfeed Ads Get Retailers High-Value Clicks via eMarketer
 Mobile newsfeed outperforms desktop for clicks! In Jan 2013, mobile newsfeed ads achieved a considerable clickthrough rate of 3.38%, while desktop ads achieved only half the clickthrough rate. Of course, the cost per click for the mobile newsfeed was just under half the cost on the desktop.

Decoded Fashion on the Runway: Fashion Week’s First Tech Forum via Decoded Fashion
Skimlinks was proud to sponsor the Decoded Fashion Hackathon two weeks ago in New York, and we were inspired by the great creations that the hackers presented. This week, the finalists presented their apps on the runway at Fashion Week, competing for $10,000 and prizes. Who won? Check out their recap post, highlighting one of the first fash+tech events of its kind.

Virool Raises $6 Million With Ambitions of Being ‘AdWords for Video’ via Ad Exchanger
The video promoter startup Virool has seen crazy growth this year and its being recognized by investors. Their goal? To help marketers distribute and promote their videos. “At the moment, video remains one of the fastest growing sources of display ad spending — eMarketer pegged video’s growth rates as having risen 46.5% in 2012.” What do you think, will it take off?


Blogger’s Guide to Creative Commons: In Pictures via Blog Herald
What better way to explain Creative Commons for pictures, than with images!  This compilation includes the rules, different Creative Commons conditions, and how it works.

7 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Blog All Over Again via CopyBlogger
Has the flame in your heart for your blog fizzled down to an ember? Are you looking to spice things up and reignite the romance? Blogging ca wear you out, and you may get bored with it. But it doesn’t have to be the end. Copy Blogger gives great suggestions, like “Learn Something New” and “Find a Coach”, to make blogging fun again.

Increasing Traffic and Engagement… with Fun and Games via ProBlogger
Perhaps your content has gotten a bit stale. Or maybe you want to build tighter relationships with your readers. These tips can help with both of those problems. Get motivated to interact and increase your traffic and engagement. Some pro tips? Motivate your readers to stay involved and utilize competition and feedback.

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