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Our top 5 takeaways from this year's Comtent Clubs

Posted 8 months ago by Angus

This year we launched Comtent Club – our flagship event series. Named for our portmanteau for commerce-content, Comtent Club brings together content-to-commerce pioneers from publishers and merchants to discuss the topics of the day, forge valuable relationships and enjoy a drink (or two!). Across six events we were fortunate to have 13 speakers on stage, drawn from 10 publishers and three of our merchants. We’re also grateful to, ebay and Bluebella Lingerie who were all kind enough to sponsor events during the year. So we thought now would be a great time to look back at the year and pick our top five takeaways from the year:

Here’s our five key takeaways from 2017:

Jessica Probus | Buzzfeed: Insights are everything

Jessica spoke at our first New York Comtent Club in March and a key focus area from her was insights. She spoke about how the Buzzfeed team use insights provided by Skimlinks’ Publisher Hub to understand brand affinity, the products people care about and the items they should write about next. Taking this data-driven approach to content creation ensures they create content that will resonate with their audience and drive sales too.

Shane Roberts | Gizmodo: How to hire a commerce editor

Shane also spoke during our first New York Comtent Club. His topic of choice was how to hire a commerce editor. This is an important milestone for publishers embracing ecommerce as a revenue stream. A dedicated team member focused on creating comtent (commerce content) can help supercharge commerce’s potential. For Shane, the guiding principle in hiring a commerce editor is to finding a good writer first, who can create content that engages the audience and has a genuine passion for the products they buy.

Ashleigh Macro | IDG: Update existing content

Ashleigh writes for IDG – a world leading tech publication – and at our first UK Comtent Club spoke about the value of updating existing content to keep it relevant. Once you have a piece of content preferentially ranked in SEO, updating it periodically can maintain its earning potential into the future and avoids you having to constantly generate fresh content. It’s economical from a time and revenue perspective.

Chantelle Symester | Trinity Mirror: Collaborate with audience development teams

Chantelle spoke during our second Comtent Club about how Trinity Mirror’s commerce team include audience development when they create content. Working with other teams, like social, helps to find products people will care about and create reactive content that will perform well in the short term. This can be a really lucrative way to capitalize on passing trends while people care about them.

(Almost) Everyone: Think about timely vs. timeless content

A common theme panelists returned to was the importance of delivering timely and timeless comtent. There is a balance to be found between timely comtent that drives sales in a short and concentrated period, and timeless content which focuses on evergreen items (think little black dresses or toasters), which can be updated at intervals to keep them relevant and performing well.

So there are our top five takeaways from this year’s Comtent Clubs. We’re planning next year’s Comtent Clubs already and would love to see you there too! Sign up to get notified about future Comtent Clubs here.

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