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The Hub is Here!

Posted 4 years ago by Alasdair

You’ve been asking for faster reports, the ability to gain insights into which pages on your site are driving earnings for you, easy management of the suite of Skimlinks products and we are thrilled to say that we’ve built those items plus a whole bunch more. While we will constantly be adding new features, hence the beta title, we couldn’t wait to share the great features that we have built with you now.

To start using The Hub, log in to Skimlinks and click “Try the new Publisher Hub” at the top of your browser window.

What will you find in The Hub?

  • Faster Speeds- Load reports faster than ever, and view them in a beautiful, intuitive interface.
  • Better Reporting- You’ll find more data than ever to help you optimize your site, including the breakdown of merchants you are driving traffic to, page level reporting, and detailed analytics. Snapshots in these areas will provide you with insight into what works well and where you might want to spend more time in the future.
  • More Tools- From the Settings tab, you will have access to new tools as they are rolled out, and of course, all of the great tools, resources, and FAQs you use in the current interface. Easily toggle SkimLinks and SkimWords on and off, access the URL Shortener, Link Generator, SkimRSS, Search Boxes, the Referral Program, and our suite of APIs quickly and easily.

How can I use The Hub to optimize my site?

  • Use page-level reporting to find out which parts of your site are driving the most sales. Generate more content in the vein of those pages making you more money and experiment with different content strategies.
  • In the enhanced Merchant Look-Up section, see commission rates and average conversions for all of our Preferred Partner merchants and over 18,000 others. Find out which merchants offer higher commissions or convert better to better target your shopping links.
  • Easily access and activate SkimWords or SkimWords Lite and add-ons like the Amazon Overwrite, search boxes, or the URL shortener. With the flick of a switch you can add new revenue streams to your site.

The Hub is in beta, so please send feedback or questions to If you would like to revert to the old interface while we are in beta, do so using the dropdown link in the header.


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