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The Ever-Changing State of the Web: Skimming the News, Week of August 6th

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

It’s been an exciting week in the world of tech and at Skimlinks! Some of you may have caught our lovely CEO and Co-Founder Alicia Navarro at the BlogHer conference in NYC. For those of you who didn’t, there will be a post about that coming soon. Over in the UK, our London office has been gripped by Olympic fever and 4 of our Skimlinkers were treated to the Women’s basketball finals as a reward for their hard work. More about that coming soon, too!

This week in tech news, Facebook have launched its first ‘real money’ gambling app, Zynga lost their COO, and a decision by the judge in the Oracle v Google case has opened up debate on the ethics of paid bloggers. Let’s get to it- it’s Skimming the News!

Zynga’s COO is Out: EA Veteran Schappert Is Leaving The Board, Too via Business Insider

John Schappert’s resignation as COO from Zynga hasn’t come as a surprise to most. Only last week Zynga had a reorganisation of the company that led to Schappert losing the responsibility of overseeing game development. Whilst some commentators felt this was a mistake on Zynga’s part, Business Insider offer an insight into their mindset. Best of luck to Schappert with his next venture!

Starbucks Invests $25 million in Square via BBC

Nearly 7,000 US Starbucks store will soon be accepting credit card payments via Square, the easy-payment brainchild of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. The disruptive technology company hopes to get greater visibility through the partnership with Starbucks, while Starbucks head will become a director at Square as part of the deal. Though it is not available in the UK (yet), US customers can expect to start paying for their lattes via smartphone this fall.

Oracle and Google are Ordered to Reveal Paid Bloggers via BBC

The Oracle v Google case took an interesting turn this week when the judge ordered that both parties reveal all the people (including bloggers) that they have paid to comment on the issues in the case. What will these revelations expose? One collaboration that won’t come as a shock is Florian Mueller, who writes the FOSS Patents. He disclosed that he was consulting with Oracle as he is a ‘believer in transparency’. What is your stance on bloggers being paid to comment on corporations?

Facebook Let’s you Gamble with Real Money via Mashable

Once again, the folks over at Facebook have hit the global headlines. This week it’s for the launch of their first real gambling app in the UK- ‘Bingo Friendzy’. The app, developed by London based gambling operator Gamesys, allows 18+ users to play games for cash prizes.
Facebook have been keen to stress that the gambling market is ‘well-regulated’ in the UK and that they have implemented age-gating technology and self-help tools to prevent underage users and addiction. As the gambling laws differ in the U.S. the app is only available to U.K. users but there is hope that Facebook will pave the way for sites such as Zynga to be able to create their own gambling apps.

Skyscrpr Launches Simple Sexy Monetization Solution for Bloggers via Venture Beat

If one of the ways you make money from your blog includes using ads, then the new service from Skyscrpr could be right up your alley. The service simplifies ad management by allowing the user to drag and drop adverts exactly where they want them. The user is also able to log into their own dashboard to see performance analysis of the ads and suggestions for improvement. The creators have ambitious plans for the service over the next few months and hope to ‘auto-optimize ad placement and mix’. A service which places publishers at the forefront? Sounds like a service after our own heart!

22 Top Blogging Tools Loved by the Pros via Social Media Examiner

Who doesn’t love a nifty little tool that can simplify things and save our precious time? Particularly with blogging, anything that can help get the creative juices flowing, improve productivity or pimp your posts gets a thumbs up from us! Social Media Examiner picks the brains of the pros to reveal their favourite blogging tools.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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