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The Ecommerce Event of 2018: Get set for Black Friday with our infographic

Posted 3 years ago by Angus Quinn

Black Friday 2018 is on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you’ve run out of time to take advantage of one of the biggest ecommerce events of the year.

In fact our data shows that the majority of the top Black Friday commerce content articles are published in November. Moreover our data shows Black Friday kicks off a wider holiday season, where publishers in our network on average double their revenue, and have the opportunity to inspire millions of reader purchases with compelling commerce content.

So we’ve created an infographic packed with digestible insights to help you seize the holiday opportunity on Black Friday and beyond which includes:

  • Key dates for your holiday season ecommerce calendar
  • The key merchants you should write about on Black Friday and beyond
  • And the key conversion movers for 2018
  • The high converting content you should create
  • The keywords you should use for SEO success
  • And design points to keep in mind to ensure people can convert off your content wherever they’re reading it

You can see the infographic below and download a copy here:

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