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Skimming the News, Week of July 23rd

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

The realization that summer is almost gone has started to hit tech hard—the big news in tech has slowed down a bit this week. Hopefully all of those developers and businessmen are taking some time off to rejuvenate after a raucous Q2. However, bloggers are full of good advice on how to be successful online—no way they’re taking time off!

Of course, the biggest news in tech this week was Google releasing information on their upcoming service provider Google Fiber, which left a lot of people wondering whether it is time to move to Kansas. Meanwhile, Affiliates4U released a guest post from Patrick O’Keefe, author of the free eBook “Monetizing Online Forums.” If you don’t have a forum, but are interested in monetizing your website, check out our brand new infographic, which will guide you through finding the best type of monetization! In other tips, ClickZ has some information on how to prepare for the not-so-upcoming holiday season, and Copyblogger wants you to help them help you make your WordPress blog better! Lastly, John Cleese wrote on Fast CoCreate’s blog about how to encourage your own creativity.

Our takeaway? Enjoy your weekend more! Happy Friday everyone! It’s Skimming the news!

Google Fiber
The newest development from Google is also one of their most ambitious ones; Google Fiber is supposedly one hundred times faster than your normal internet speed! You can register until September 9th, and the service will start on September 10th. Unfortunately, location availability will be limited for some time. Google Fiber has three different plans, and all are price comparative to other service providers. As many a redditor said; Maybe it’s time to move to Kansas?

Five tips: Turn a profit from online forums Affiliates4U
If you are a forum owner, you know the difficulties facing monetizing your site. Running a forum on a niche and interesting topic can be very satisfying, but a lot of resources go into keeping the forum alive. This article is full of interesting and important tips on gently monetizing your forum, ranging from helping you understand your audience to letting them know how you monetize. This post was written by Patrick O’Keefe, a expert in maintaining and managing forums. If you want to read more about forum monetization, check out his free eBook which was sponsored by Skimlinks!

Monetize Your Website via Skimlinks
This awesome infographic is meant to help anyone with a website monetize their content. No matter who or what you are, be it a blog, forum, store, or Richard Branson, this infographic will help you determine exactly what sort of monetization you should use!

2012 Holiday Marketing Tips for Retailers via ClickZ
I’m dreaming of a profitable Christmas! eRetailers everywhere are already planning for the holiday shopping season, and for a good reason too; some of these tips need advanced planning. In general, the biggest takeaway for this years holiday spirit is customization. As in with a traditional bricks-and-mortar store, you need to figure out what appeals to individual users, and show them what they want! Other tips, like offering free-shipping, also require forethought and planning. However, if you do follow these tips to the T, you can capitalize on the shopping fervor and make this December your most profitable one! What do you think? Will you start implementing these ideas? Or is it too early to even think about Christmas?

7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials to Help  You Build a Better WordPress Website via
WordPress is a tricky little thing, and even if you spend hours trying to figure out how to battle the “<span>” or find out why your video isn’t embedding in French, you can only learn so much from your mistakes. Luckily, there are tons of resources available for those that want to hone their skills without previewing for the billionth time. This seven step tutorial is perfect for those just figuring out the wild world of WordPress, or even brushing up on long forgotten hacks!

4 Lessons in Creativity from John Cleese via Fast CoCreate
Every once and awhile, no matter how much coffee you drink or blogs you peruse, you simply cannot get your creativity flowing. The daily routine of writing, creating, or making can be draining, but there are a few things you can do to increase your creative potential again. John Cleese, the brilliant mind that brought you “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Monty Python” recently did an interview on what gets his creative clock ticking. Our favorite tip? Taking some time off. That is some very valid advice—it is a Friday after all. A two day weekend will do some good! See you Monday!

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