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Skimlinks launches API suite to power-up the next wave of start-ups

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

Publishers can now harness Skimlinks’ monetization and analytics technologies via a set of APIs, built to suit any type of site or application.

SAN FRANCISCO — Skimlinks, the leading content monetization platform for web publishers, announced it has released a comprehensive API suite to make it easy for up-and-coming companies to earn an immediate and seamless revenue stream, and gain valuable insights into their users’ shopping habits.

Skimlinks APIs will allow developers to build on top of Skimlinks’ award winning technology and network of 18,000+ merchant relationships, to effectively grow their business.

“We want to make our technology and insights available to all types of publishers, so we are opening up our platform to make it fully accessible and flexible. This is particularly exciting for startups who need a monetization partner who can help them achieve their revenue goals, without compromising on the user experience.” said Alicia Navarro, CEO and co-founder of Skimlinks.

The API program allows companies to harness and customize the power of Skimlinks technology in several different ways. The Link API allows companies to use the core Skimlinks technology (turning links into monetized links) in any site or application. The Link API can be used in conjunction with the Merchant API, which allows companies to search and filter Skimlinks’ list of 18,000+ merchants by category and name to decide which links to push through Skimlinks.

Publishers will be able to get an up-to-the-minute (and historical) snapshot of every commission they receive through Skimlinks integration with 31 international affiliate networks, via the Reporting API. In addition, the Reporting API allows companies to filter and segment data on a highly granular level, so they can better understand their users’ purchase behaviors, and tailor their experience accordingly.

For start-ups such as social discovery and social commerce sites, the Product API offers a real-time product search based on a given product reference, category, merchant or price. The products results are returned in XML or JSON, giving website developers freedom to choose how to display the products they want to promote, and design their site accordingly.

With the new suite of APIs, there are endless possibilities for start-ups looking to disrupt the publishing and e-commerce spaces.

Andrew Warner, president of, a website devoted to helping entrepeneurs build new businesses, is excited to see what Skimlinks can do for budding companies: “Skimlinks is an inspiring story of a discovery of a way of generating revenue for entrepreneurs that’s going to help companies grow. There will be entrepreneurs in the future who will say, ‘because of Skimlinks I was able to build this business.’ It wouldn’t be around otherwise.”

About the Company: Founded in 2008, Skimlinks <> is a leading content monetization platform that rewards publishers for the role their content plays in creating purchase intent. Skimlinks processes 110 million clicks a month on over 700,000 sites around the Web, including AVForums, WordPress, Ning, Technorati, Hearst Digital and many more. In December 2011, Skimlinks’s drove almost $30M in consumer sales from over 18,000 merchants across 27 affiliate networks. Skimlinks is a team of 40 based in London, San Francisco, and New York. Get in touch with Skimlinks at

Media Contact: Aaron Weissman | Marketing Director | direct: 415.426.5743 |

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