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Webinar Recap 2: Breaking into Taiwan’s Online Scene with Skimlinks Editorial Network

Posted 12 months ago by Naomi Kono

As we shared with you in our first blog, we hosted our first APAC webinar in a new series, titled “Breaking into Taiwan’s Online Scene with Skimlinks Editorial Network” on 20 March 2023. 

This second blog provides a comprehensive summary of the second segment of the webinar:

  • Multiple Ways for Merchants to Optimize
  • Understanding the Market with GQ Taiwan – Interview with Stephen Chen, Site Director from GQ Taiwan
  • How can merchants Seize the Opportunity?

If you missed our first blog, please check here.

Multiple Ways for Merchants to Optimize with Skimlinks Editorial Network

Optimize CPA and Conversion rate

Merchants have several ways to optimize their relationship with publishers, with optimizing CPA being the most common and popular strategy. For editorial content, we recommend increasing your base rate by 70 to 100 percent compared to the market rate. To further enhance your products appeal to editors, provide them with information on the best-converting items in the market and exciting upcoming launches. By explaining why publishers should highlight your products, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

Achieve Distinct Objectives through Flat Fee

The Flat Fee model is gaining popularity in Skimlinks Editorial Network. We offer brand packages that are categorized into three pricing tiers based on the duration of the partnerships. These categories, namely brand awareness, consideration, and conversion, cater to various stages of the customer journey.

Brand Awareness – Increase the visibility of your products and services among loyal audiences of publishers. Publishers usually dedicate one or two articles to help you boost brand awareness. They normally includes information on how to shop on merchants’ website. This is an ideal package for new merchants who want to promote new product launches or services on an as-needed basis

Consideration – Foster deeper engagement and purchase intent with the audiences of publishers by expanding your reach across featured content, social media, and newsletters. This approach is particularly effective for merchants seeking premium exposure during peak shopping seasons, such as Double Digit Days and Summer Sales. By utilizing this strategy, you can secure greater visibility and attract more customers to your brand.

Conversion – Maximize sales of your products and services by featuring them prominently across the most engaged editorial, social, and newsletter channels of publishers. This requires a longer partnership between merchants and publishers, typically lasting three months. Merchants receive a package of multiple inclusions and articles that cover different angles and touchpoints on their website, as well as all other distribution channels. This approach is particularly beneficial for merchants with multiple new product launches, deals, and promotions that occur throughout the longer time frame.

Understanding the Market with GQ Taiwan

We invited Stephen Chen, the site director at GQ Taiwan as our guest speaker. He oversees GQ Taiwan’s editorial and Consumer revenue strategy, and has over 20 years experience in the market. Over 3 years ago, GQ Taiwan started their e-commerce content journey with Skimlinks Editorial Network. They chose Skimlinks Editorial Network as a dedicated partner, since we provide the one-stop solution.  As a result, we have become one of the key profitable pillars of GQ Taiwan’s marketing strategy. So now let’s take a look at what Stephen’s advice is for merchants who want to tap into the Taiwan market.

How can merchants Seize the Opportunity?

Planing stage

A clear optimization strategy is essential during the planning stage, which should focus on increasing the CPA and establishing Flat Fee arrangements with publishers. To ensure that merchants are included in the editorial plan, we recommend sharing upcoming plans with publishers through monthly content briefs. This includes campaign timelines for the next few months, any new product launches, and the key products that merchants want to push in the coming month. By keeping publishers informed, the editors can start considering the merchants’ products for inclusion in the editorial plan.

Creation and publication

It is important to provide publishers with more information about why they should cover your products. Apart from sharing the best-converting items, merchants can also provide publishers with different angles that can inspire content creation. For instance, sharing key trending keywords that can attract an audience to the merchant’s website.  Highlighting key products can also provide more ideas for editors to create diverse angles for the content.


Having in-app tracking available during the distribution stage is crucial for capturing the customer journey in Taiwan. As publishers often push articles through various social media channels, it’s important for merchants to make sure all the purchasing activities are correctly incentivized. For publishers, it is also essential to understand the consumer journey clearly and identify valuable traffic sources. This will lead to better optimization and ensure that the intended audience is reached through the content.


Last but not least, we highly encourage merchants to utilize the transparent reports available in the network dashboard to understand the ROI of their campaign. Alternatively, merchants can access the report through the Skimlinks website and receive regular updates on the domain level activities. This will provide valuable insights into the performance of the campaign. Merchants will be empowered to make informed decisions to optimize their results.

How Can Merchants Seize the Opportunity?


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