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Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content: Expert Commerce Content On Demand

Posted 1 year ago by Debbie Gainsford

Publishers want to generate meaningful commerce revenue, but many struggle to know where to start or how to scale once their strategy is underway. Commerce can contribute up to 25% of revenue, but it takes time and money to make that happen.

So to help speed things up, Skimlinks has a launched a new solution, to help new publishers start their commerce strategies and established publishers to scale commerce into a key revenue stream for their business.

Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content is a growing library of commerce content articles publishers can access on demand. At launch there are 75 articles in the library, with the plan to scale to 200 articles in coming months across all verticals.

Written by experts in our editorial team – which is led by Chief Editor Shane Roberts – the articles are free to access without upfront cost. Publishers can use articles on their site to increase the amount of commerce content on site and to grow revenue. Shane previously built a six-figure revenue line in commerce at Gizmodo.

To help maximise publisher revenue, we have negotiated with merchants to provide increased commission rates, all in excess of 10%, on products featured in the articles.

There are two types of Editorial Commerce Content available:

Evergreen Content

With a library of over 75 pieces of content to choose from at launch, Publishers can select articles that cover:

  • Tech
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Fashion and Grooming
  • Travel & Outdoors

With the Skimlinks Evergreen Content, Publishers can amend the copy to fit their audience and tone of voice or they can simply copy and paste the articles directly onto their site.

Credit Card Content

With CPAs approaching US$500, credit cards are a potentially lucrative affiliate revenue stream for Publishers. However, strict regulatory controls on this type of content make it very difficult for Publishers to get approved as affiliates.

Skimlinks has produced fully compliant credit card content which publishers can then use on their own sites, giving them access to these otherwise inaccessible programs.

Skimlinks Commerce Content is expertly written content Publishers can rely on.

For now, Skimlinks Commerce Content is available to Managed Publishers based in the USA.  Publishers interested in finding out more and accessing the content should speak with their Account Manager.

Monetize your commerce content on the fly

Skimlinks Debuts First Ever Automatic Solution for Monetizing Commerce Links Through Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

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