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SEO and Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content

Posted 11 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

The Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content is a great way for publishers to increase the amount of revenue generating articles they have on their site.

The content has been designed to capitalize on the existing traffic publishers are driving to their site, ensuring once a reader is on the publishers site, there is commerce content for them to discover.

We’ve had a few questions around the impact on a publisher’s SEO when they are using content that may also run on another publishers websites, also known as syndicated or duplicate content, so we’ve answered them below.

Does syndicated/duplicated content impact a Publisher’s SEO?

The short answer is no. Google does not penalise publishers that have syndicated content on their site. Syndicated content is neutral for your SEO- it doesn’t positively or negatively impact your ranking.

The Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content has not been designed to be used as a boost to SEO for a publisher, but to be used to increase revenue opportunities once a user is on the publishers site.

Publishers are able to add their own spin to the Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content, so that it blends with the rest of the articles on their site. So updating for tone of voice, reader profiles, or adding additional relevant content will mean that your article won’t appear exactly the same as another publisher’s.  

Should publishers index or unindex syndicated/duplicated content?

As syndicated content does not negatively impact SEO, there is no need for publishers not to index the Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content.  Indexing the content will allow the search engines to discover it and decide whether it’s valuable content.

How will people discover the Skimlinks Editorial content on my site without SEO?

Publishers are already driving huge volumes of traffic to their sites, so make the most of this.  Have a think about:

  • What Real Estate do you have on your home page or key pages to highlight commerce articles?
  • Do you have a dedicated Deals/Offer section that you can use?
  • What other sign posting can you do to direct traffic?

And use your other channels:

  • Include it in your newsletters
  • Promote it through your social media
  • If you don’t have one already, take the opportunity to launch a deals or offers newsletter

Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content is expertly written content Publishers can rely on, to find out more click here or speak with your Account Manager.

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