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Get Q4-Ready: Reports to Use on Key Shopping Days

Posted 4 weeks ago by Alannah Trew

Key Q4 shopping events are now just around the corner, so we’re excited to bring you the final part of our Get Q4-Ready blog series.

Once you’ve read our previous blog posts on the tech you need to install, reviewing your performance last holiday season, and finding merchants to feature in this year’s content, it’s time to get prepared for the big day!

Whether the key shopping event in your market is Black Friday, Singles’ Day or Click Frenzy, Skimlinks can help you maximize your revenue earning potential. Dive into our guide to two useful reports designed to help you stay one step ahead on the day.

Trending Products Report

On a fast-moving day like Black Friday, shopping trends emerge quickly. Our Trending Products Report tracks clicks from across our network to show you which products consumers are most interested in that you’ve not written about. You can use the report for content inspiration on the day – find products to update evergreen articles, share on social media, or highlight on your homepage.

Drill down by country and merchant category to see which products consumers are engaging with most in your region or vertical. Looking for something more specific? You can also browse trending products for a specific merchant or by keyword.

And the best bit? The Trending Products Report is updated hourly, so you always have access to the latest insights on evolving trends throughout the day.

View the Trending Products Report >>

Real-time Clicks Report

A reactive approach on key shopping days is a must for any Commerce Publisher. And our Real-time Clicks Report can help. The Report shows you which of your links, featured merchants and webpages are driving the most clicks.

By seeing what your readers are most engaged with on the day, you can review that content to make sure it’s optimized and up-to-date. And you can share it wider in newsletters or on social media to get it to an even wider audience.

The Real-time Clicks Report is updated every 15 minutes, so you can keep track of what’s performing well and act quickly to maximize your revenue potential.

View the Real-time Clicks Report >>

We know that key shopping events are always busy days for Publishers, but keeping a watch on the Trending Products Report and Real-time Clicks Report throughout the day is a great way of maximizing your content and hard work.

And with that, our Get Q4-Ready blog series comes to a close. We hope the series has helped you feel more prepared for Q4 and provided you with some new ways to make this your most successful holiday season yet. As a reminder, below are our top tips from across the series. Happy Q4!

  1. Install the tech ahead of time: use the JavaScript, Editor Toolbar and AMP to make sure you’re monetizing all your channels
  2. Analyze last year’s performance: review our reports to see what worked well and which products, merchants, articles and more were popular with your readers
  3. Find new merchants to feature: discover new merchants with our Merchant Search tool to find new brands to inspire your audience
  4. Get real-time insights on the day: use our Trending Products Report and Real-time Clicks Report to see emerging trends on key shopping days

Get Q4-Ready: Find New Merchants To Feature

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