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Quora's Blogging Platform, Gawker's Monetization Strategies, and Tales of a Recovering "Link-A-Holic"... It's Skimming the News!

Posted 4 years ago by Alasdair

We’ve got tons of stories to share with you in this week’s edition of Skimming the News. Google’s Q4 earnings confirm what our Holiday eCommerce Report showed us- it was a fantastic holiday season for eCommerce. Gawker is making waves and getting lots of press, first for their founder’s open disdain for display ads, and now for their solution to the problem. And in somewhat related stories, consumers are turning more and more to the web and their peers for answers to their questions- both via Quora and their new blogging platform, and in user reviews. When it comes to tips you can use on your site, find a happy medium between SEO addict and traffic generating mavin. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for even more of the week’s top stories!


TNW UK Startup Awards: Here are the Winners via The Next Web
Congratulations to our CEO and Co-Founder Alicia Navarro for winning the “Best Co-Founder” award in The Next Web’s UK Startup Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted! Also in Skimlinks awards news, our other amazing co-founder Joe Stepniewski was in Berlin last week for the Europas where we were Highly Commended as Best UK Startup! Congratulations to GoCardless for taking home the win!

Google’s Q4 Shows A ‘Happy Holiday Season’ For E-Commerce via Ad Exchange
Google’s Q4 numbers are out and, despite lower CPC earnings, they saw healthy growth pointing to a fruitful holiday season for eCommerce. Paid product listings, higher mobile ad sales and a higher volume of searches made with commercial intent are the main factors playing into the growth. It’s not just seasonality, though. Revenues were up 36% over the same time last year.

Gawker Expects at Least 10% of Revenue From E-Commerce This Year, Says Denton Memo via AdAge
In a memo from Gawker Media founder Nick Denton, he revealed that they expect at least 10% of their revenues this year to come from eCommerce.  This announcement came with the news that native Gawker-er Erin Pettigrew would be leading the new “content + commerce” strategy. To learn more about Gawker’s innovative new strategies as they move away from display advertising, check out our Fireside Chat with Pettigrew in NYC February 4th!

For Driving Purchases, Customer Reviews Trump Pro Critics via eMarketer
Good news for our reviews bloggers- a study shows that electronics customers are more likely to pay attention to consumer reviews than professional reviews. Most search for these reviews online. Perhaps its because they find independent reviewers more trustworthy; 80% of those surveyed expressed concern over the authenticity of online reviews. Good thing Skimlinks publishers disclose!

Quora Launches Blogging Platform With Mobile Text Editor To Give Every Author A Built-In Audience via TechCrunch
One of our favorite sites, Quora, has just launched a blog platform to make answering questions even easier. The platform will distribute related blog posts to followers of certain topics. This will be a great tool for bloggers to get more visibility and will help the site establish its repertoire as a knowledge base. Not only can you create as many blogs or posts as you like, you can edit on mobile, embed images, tag, and get upvotes. Bravo, Quora!


The Top 10 Ways to Get the Traffic You Crave
via Copy Blogger
Maybe you’ve just recently launched a new website. Perhaps you’ve monetized but you’re not getting the traffic you need to profit. When you’re putting work into content you want people to see it, right? Copy Blogger explains their top tips for getting traffic in an ethical way. Some of the tips are a given (like SEO and buying ads) but some aren’t so obvious. Are you doing all that you can to maximize your traffic, and in turn- your revenues?

Is Social Media Marketing Is a Waste of Time? I Think Not… via Hot Blog Tips
There have been a lot of writers lately shunning social media. The funny thing about it, though, is that while they write about it they probably aren’t practicing what they preach. How do I know? Because I’m finding their articles on Twitter. Hot Blog Tips writer Brian Hawkins gives his take on why the haters should step back and re-evaluate.

Secret Confessions of a Link-A-Holic via ProBlogger
We all know that SEO is a great thing for attracting the right audience for your site and driving up traffic. But what happens when you take it too far? So much value gets placed on SEO, at times, that editors wind up pushing their links to the limit, oversaturating their posts and spamming other writers for link juice. Don’t let SEO distract from what you’re really trying to do on your site. Take it from Darren Rowse, a “recovering link-a-holic”.

Display Advertising 101: What it is and Using AdSense and Skimlinks together

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