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Monetize your commerce content on the fly

Posted 3 years ago by Debbie Gainsford

It’s the game-changing Google chrome extension, that helps editors monetize commerce content they create on the fly. And now the Skimlinks Editor Toolbar Extension has a flash new walk-through video, to help you get to grips and get into action.

Without navigating away from a merchants website, editor’s can see:

  • If a merchant offers commission rates
  • What the average commission rate from the last 90 days was
  • If exclusive commission rates are available

With the Skimlinks Editor Toolbar, editors can also:

  • Find out more details on commission rates and merchants at the click of a button
  • Quickly create links for social media, email or newsletters
  • Discover new merchants that offer commission rates

Make monetizing your revenue easier by Editor Toolbar.  You can download it here

We’ve also produced a couple of videos on how the Merchant Search and Merchant Profile pages work in the Skimlinks Platform, watch the videos below for more information.

Merchant Profile pages provide Publishers with detailed information on the merchant, including any exclusive commission rates available from Skimlinks. Publishers can also find out the performance of the merchant across the Skimlinks platform, covering average Earnings Per Click (EPC); average conversion rate and average basket size.

The Merchant Search provides publishers with an easy way to discover merchants by category, country and the type of rates they offer.

Skimlinks 2018 Tl;dr: Best year ever

Skimlinks Editorial Commerce Content: Expert Commerce Content On Demand

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