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See which Products are Trending this Holiday Season

Posted 10 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

With the ecommerce boom of 2020, it’s never been more important to know what products consumers engage with the most, and drive the...

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Skimlinks reveals Singles’ Day Sales increased 335% year-on-year, as Click Frenzy traffic grows 116%

Posted 10 months ago by Angus Quinn

NOVEMBER 18 2020 – SYDNEY AND LONDON – Skimlinks, a Connexity Company, has revealed Singles’ Day sales grew 335% year-on-year,...

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Merchant Case Study: Lovehoney

Posted 10 months ago by Angus Quinn

Sex sells. And a brand that knows a thing or two about that is Lovehoney. They’re one of Skimlinks top merchants and we sat down...

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A new way to fix 404, Out of Stock and Inactive Merchant links is here

Posted 11 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

At any given moment, around 10% links across a publisher’s site are broken. This not only leads to a frustrating user experience...

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How to Make Money With Email Marketing in 6 Simple Steps

Posted 11 months ago by Alex Colas

A big reason why email has remained such a popular channel is because, when you have an email list, you actually own it and can get...

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Infographic: How Publishers can increase their commerce revenue 70% this holiday season

Posted 12 months ago by Angus Quinn

This year we've made our annual holiday infographic bigger than ever before to help you best prepare for the most wonderful time of...

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The Commerce Awards for Publishers 2020: Key takeaways from the winners

Posted 12 months ago by Celeste Buckley

The Commerce Awards for Publishers were held virtually for the first time on September 17. The event brought together leading content...

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The latest updates from Skimlinks direct into My Feed

Posted 12 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

Feeds have become a part of our everyday lives. They’re where we go for the latest news, to discover new and exciting things and...

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Calendar for Public Holidays and key shopping events in the UK and Europe

Posted 12 months ago by Skimlinks

The average publisher on Skimlinks doubles their commerce content revenue in the holiday season. Commerce editors have more to write...

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Black Friday SEO Tips with Brian Dean

Posted 12 months ago by Alex Colas

We have partnered up with Brian Dean to provide top tips on how to optimize your SEO for Black Friday. After five failed businesses,...

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