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How Skimlinks publishers can best use products we’ve launched during the COVID-19 crisis

Posted 7 months ago by Celeste Buckley

Throughout this crisis we’ve launched products and initiatives designed to protect publishers’ affiliate revenue and encourage...

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The Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2020

Posted 7 months ago by Alex Colas

By creating affiliate programs, merchants such as Nike, ASOS, or Sephora are paying commissions to affiliates: people promoting their...

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO with Adam Connell

Posted 8 months ago by Alex Colas

Skimlinks has partnered up with Adam Connell to answer frequently asked questions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and help publishers...

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Drive more revenue from evergreen content

Posted 8 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

50% of the revenue made by publishers on Skimlinks platform comes from articles they’ve written in the previous year. Publishers...

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Connexity acquires Skimlinks to create the largest independent customer acquisition channel for ecommerce

Posted 8 months ago by Skimlinks

SANTA MONICA and LONDON -- May 28, 2020 -- Connexity, the leading independent source of new customers and sales for online retailers,...

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Skimlinks continues to help Publishers protect and grow their revenue

Posted 8 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

We launched the Revenue at Risk report a few weeks ago to notify Publishers of changes to Merchant programs. We’ve had great feedback...

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Why publishers in APAC invest in Commerce content

Posted 9 months ago by Angus Quinn

Commerce content is on the move around the world. Nowhere more so in fact than in the Asia-Pacific region. In the past eighteen months,...

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New features to help Publishers grow Commerce revenue through the COVID-19 crisis

Posted 9 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

The crisis is redealing the cards for online retailers, and we want to provide publishers with new tools to help them protect their...

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Support the merchants who are giving back to the community

Posted 10 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

We know there are many merchants that are giving back to the community to help front-line workers, stimulate the economy and raise...

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SEO For Bloggers: 10 Tips To Increase Your Traffic

Posted 10 months ago by Alex Colas

The goal of SEO for bloggers is to increase organic (not paid) traffic by optimizing a website to show as high as possible in search...

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