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3 Content Ideas For Father’s Day

Posted 4 months ago by Angus Quinn

It’s the holiday where we celebrate dear old Dad and shower him in affection. And Father’s Day has grown into a major ecommerce...

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Merchant Case Study: Klook

Posted 4 months ago by Angus Quinn

Klook is a world-leading travel and leisure booking platform founded in 2014. Skimlinks sat down with them to talk about their affiliate...

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Meet our APAC Team!

Posted 5 months ago by Angus Quinn

Skimlinks has been delighted to expand its network of premium editorial publishers across the Asia-Pacific in the past two years. ...

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17 Female-Founded Affiliate Programs You Can Promote Today

Posted 7 months ago by Celeste Buckley

March 8th brings International Women’s Day, when we recognize, acknowledge and celebrate women’s rights and their political, economic,...

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Chinese New Year Commerce Content drives performance surge in Skimlinks’ network

Posted 8 months ago by Angus Quinn

FEBRUARY 9 2021, LONDON & SINGAPORE – Skimlinks, a Connexity Company, reports an unprecedented surge in performance of Chinese...

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Valentine’s Day ideas: Themed content your readers will love

Posted 8 months ago by Skimlinks

In The Sex And The City movie, Miranda asks Carrie whether Valentine’s Day is “on steroids this year?” (more…)...

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Your Guide To Q1 Ecommerce Events You Should Write About

Posted 9 months ago by Angus Quinn

People shop throughout the year and their shopping activity is often focused on key ecommerce events. Many of these fall in Q1, with...

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16 Eco-Friendly Affiliate Programs You Can Promote Today

Posted 10 months ago by Alex Colas

As consumers increasingly search for sustainable and eco-friendly products, many new merchants have launched products to match the...

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How Skimlinks Supports Black-owned Affiliate Programs

Posted 10 months ago by Celeste Buckley

2020 has seen national and international discussions about racial injustice, and increasing awareness among publishers and consumers...

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Skimlinks reveals global Black Friday traffic grew 60% year-on-year, as platform records historic day for commerce content

Posted 10 months ago by Angus Quinn

NEW YORK AND LONDON, DECEMBER 1 – Skimlinks, a Connexity company, has revealed 60% year-on-year growth in Black Friday traffic, as...

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