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Skimlinks 2018 Tl;dr: Best year ever

Posted 3 months ago by Seb Blanc

I am incredibly proud of what the team achieved last year. Where to start? Q4 18 was our best quarter ever revenue-wise, signing up...

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Valentine’s Day ideas: Themed content your readers will love

Posted 3 months ago by Skimlinks

In The Sex And The City movie, Miranda asks Carrie whether Valentine’s Day is “on steroids this year?” (more…)...

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Our greatest hits from 2018

Posted 4 months ago by Angus Quinn

It has been a big year for Skimlinks. And as 2018 draws to a close, we want to reflect on our greatest hits from this year. So curl...

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Skimlinks launches first-to-market AMP integration

Posted 5 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

Skimlinks has launched a seamless AMP integration which allows publishers to easily monetize commerce links in AMP articles. As...

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Greg Coleman, publishing and advertising veteran, joins Skimlinks as non-executive Director

Posted 5 months ago by Jean-Christophe Gombeaud

Skimlinks and its board are incredibly proud to announce Greg Coleman’s addition to its board of directors. Greg brings incredible...

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Interesting Facts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted 5 months ago by Skimlinks

Here's some cool facts you may not know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (more…)...

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5 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners to help monetize their content

Posted 6 months ago by Skimlinks

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize online content. (more…)...

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The Ecommerce Event of 2018: Get set for Black Friday with our infographic

Posted 6 months ago by Angus Quinn

Black Friday 2018 is on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you’ve run out of time to take advantage of one of the biggest ecommerce...

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Generate more revenue this Black Friday with Skimlinks Shopping Galleries

Posted 6 months ago by Debbie Gainsford

Black Friday is the biggest commerce event of the year and Skimlinks has made the whole process of getting the best deals and offers...

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5 blog post ideas to try this Halloween

Posted 6 months ago by Skimlinks

The weather is cooling down and the crisp fall air is upon us, but the holiday season is just heating up. In the month of October,...

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