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Money, money, money: We answer common publisher questions about Skimlinks payments and commissions

Posted 12 months ago by Skimlinks

New publishers join our network all the time and there are always lots of questions. The same is true for our merchants and marketers, so we’ve looked at the most frequently asked questions and in the next few weeks will release a series of Back To Basics blog posts focusing on these common issues. Our first – and most popular topic of choice – is payments. Whether it’s how you earn commission, how long it takes to earn revenue with Skimlinks, or how much we charge (SPOILER ALERT, we don’t charge a single penny to install our Javascript code or access our premium publisher network), there are lots of questions and we want to give answers to the most common ones to put your mind at rest.

When will I get paid?

To earn payment you have to clear a certain threshold, which depends on the region you’re in. So long as your order exceeds $10/ 8 Euro / £7, we’ll pay out the cleared balance in your account at the end of each month.

Commissions have to be approved by retailers and paid by the affiliate network before we handle the transaction, which means there is a delay between your comtent (commerce content) driving a sale, the balance appearing in your account and you being paid the commission.

This varies depending on retailer and network. Typically retailers will take 60 days to review commissions, with a further period before individuals commissions clear and are paid out, so the normal period is around 90 days.

Neworks and retailers can cancel commissions at any point in the process for a variety of reasons – fraud, customers returning purchases, other transaction errors – which is why the payment process take so long.

What does Skimlinks charge me?

Nada! Zilch! Zero! It’s totally free for publishers to sign up to Skimlinks and access our services. You can try Skimlinks out with absolutely no risk on your part and no financial commitment either.
Instead we work on a revenue share basis, meaning that for every sale your comtent drives, we take a small percentage of it, for enabling the technology that powers the sale.
Our split is 75/25, meaning you get paid 75% of the commissions earned on any sale you drive. Taking into account further revenues that can be earned as a part of our Audiences by Skimlinks data co-operative, you can earn more.

How can I get paid?

Publishers with UK or US bank accounts can be paid by direct deposit or PayPal. Publishers outside of the UK and US can only receive payment via PayPal.

How do I set up payment?

Using the Payments Tab in the Skimlinks Publisher Hub, you can edit your payment details and make any updates you need to. You can alter the email address your invoices go to, the currency you receive payments in and select details for how you receive future payments.

How much will I earn?

The million dollar question! The truth is there are many factors that determine the revenue earning potential of affiliate links in articles on your site. Anything from the volume of traffic you receive, to the seasonality your site, can determine how much you can make.

What we can say, is that having worked with so many publishers, of all different shapes and sizes, we know Skimlinks has a positive impact on the publishers we work with. The best way to find out your earning potential is to sign up and start monetizing your content with automatically affiliated links.

You can get even more insights into our payment processes in the Charges and Payments section of our Support Pages.

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