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Microsoft's social network, Australian affiliates, and branding your blog... It's Skimming the News!

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

Happy Friday! You’ve made it through another exciting week on the web and we’re one week closer to Christmas and New Years, but have you had time to catch up on the week’s blogging news and tips? No worries, we’ve got your back! Some of the stories we saw this week that caught our interest include Microsoft’s entrance into the social network sphere, a new Wordpress mobile app (Editors note: Can’t wait to try it rather than fussing over typos in my mobile browser!), and our interview with Ariel Meadow Stallings who gave us some great insights into career blogging. On the tips side, we found a great article on blog branding that covers the basics, and the folks at CopyBlogger have adapted Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” for Wordpress users! As always, if you find a cool story you think should be included feel free to drop it in the comments or Tweet it at us: @Skimlinks ! #TGIF


Microsoft expands social network Socl via BBC

Hopping on the social network bandwagon, despite lukewarm response to similar late-comers Google+, Microsoft is expanding their social network Socl. With a visual interface similar to Pinterest, Socl is supported by the Bing search engine and has only been available in beta and to a select few, mostly students. Microsoft points out that they are not trying to compete with big dogs Facebook, but rather experimenting. Anyone with a Facebook can sign up, will you be one of Socl’s early adopters?

Australian retailers embrace affiliate marketing via eConsultancy

Not long after Linkshare launched their affiliate network in Australia, we are seeing this article. It hits home for us; our CEO is an Aussie (and apparently ahead of her time!).Three in five Australian retailers have upped their affiliate marketing spending in the last year. Retail and finance sectors are the most apt to warm up to affiliate marketing, but Australia’s affiliate marketing space is still “in its infancy”.

Review: WordPress for iOS stands out for bloggers on the go via MacWorld

We do everything else on the go and on mobile devices, but for Wordpress users working on their phones has been a bit… cramped. Automattic, creators of the Wordpress mobile app, recently made updates to make it easier to use on your tablets and phones. According to this article in Forbes, blogging may fall behind other social media tools because it is not easily accessed on mobile devices. Good timing, Automattic.

From Blog to Empire: An Interview with Ariel Meadow Stallings via Skimlinks Blog

This week we got the opportunity to interview one of our blogging mavens, Ariel Meadow Stallings. Check out the interview for insights on growing traffic, content management, and monetizing. From book author to full time blogger, Ariel made an inspiring transition and now runs a network of 4 blogs and even has a staff! A great peek into career blogging.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective WordPress Publishers via CopyBlogger

This one is a bit hard to summarize without giving away all of the secrets! #spoiler alert
Based on Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, CopyBloger discussed those habits as they apply to your WordPress blog.

Blog Tip – Create a Blog Identity via B2C

Branding is just for companies, right? Wrong. Before you even get your blog off of the ground, you should be thinking of what your brand identity is. This will help you in the long run with consistency, focus, and design.

The Life-Changing Move I Made When I Wanted to Quit Blogging via BlogWorld

Whether its with blogging or something else, most people have gotten to a point where they are ready to quit doing something they once loved because they lost their spark. In this case, Allison explains what rejuvenated her love for blogging. Since it’s coming from the New Media Expo site, it is a bit of an easy plug, but the general takeaway is that being around other people with your same passion can be inspiring and invigorating. Writing can be a lonely business so if you feel like you’re losing your fire, close your laptop and check out a MeetUp or conference!


Have a great weekend!


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