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Merchant Update 5

Posted 9 months ago by Angus

Welcome to the Skimlinks Merchant Update. Here you’ll find weekly updates on new merchants joining our network, which merchants have joined our Preferred Partner Program (PPP) and become Preferred Merchants (offering at least 50% higher CPA rates than our average base rate) and in addition, which merchants have joined our VIP program (offering at least 100% higher CPA rates than our average base rate).

New Preferred Partner Merchants


Timberland is a US outdoors wear retailer with a focus on footwear. They also sell apparel including clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses and leather goods.

BT Broadband

BT Broadband is a UK broadband service from BT, the world’s most established communications company.


PureVPN leads the VPN industry with 750+ Servers in 141 Countries with a self-managed VPN network that enables us to deliver the fastest VPN speed in the world.


BeautyBay started life as a home for big brand name fragrances and rapidly diversified into offering all kinds of beauty products. It now offers over 10, 000 products from top UK and international brands.

You can access the Merchants directly in your Publisher Hub account using the links above.

You can also follow our Offers Twitter @SkimlinksOffers where we post all the latest deals and get offers from over 20,000 merchants in our network.

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