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Make Your Site Stand Out from the's Skimming the News!

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

Summer is over (boo!) and the nights are getting colder, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop posting the hottest tips on how to grow your site! This week we’ve got the low down on the latest Facebook plugin to drive more content to your site, tips to make you more affiliate marketing savvy and advice on getting your site to stand out from the crowd.

In tech news, the First Lady stormed Twitter with her speech at the Democratic National Convention, Wikipedia’s got beef with the UK’s ‘snooper charter’ and The Web Index revealed which country is number one in the world at using the internet. Clue: they’re known for making the best meatballs! Have a good weekend everyone, it’s Skimming the News!

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attacks government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ via The Guardian
The UK government’s Communications Data Bill, dubbed the ‘snooper’s charter’, has been critcised for being “technologically incompetent” by Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales. Furthermore, he has threatened that Wikipedia will encrypt all its connections with Britain if they force UK internet companies to keep details of every single page accessed by UK citizens. His comments will no doubt be a blow to the UK government who are hoping for overseas companies to voluntarily comply as they do not have powers to instruct them to hand over information. The Home Office security are keen to pass the bill in order to help with terrorist and serious crime cases. However, the internet industry have warned that this could create new opportunities for hackers and ‘malicious agents’.

BBC iPlayer launches mobile-download service via BBC
In other news from the UK, users are now able to download BBC programmes from BBC iplayer onto their mobiles. The programmes will be available on their device for up to 30 days or for a week if they hit play without using an internet connection or using data. So far the service is only available on iPhone, iPad and iPod but will be coming to Android devices soon. Good news for those lumbered with long commutes!

Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Attracted 28,003 Tweets Per Minute via The Blog Herald
The First Lady’s speech was a massive hit on Twitter, warranting 28,003 tweets per minute, almost double of her husband’s opponent, Mitt Romney. Republican candidate Romney’s speech attracted 14,239 tweets per minute. The difference could be explained by a recent Pew Internet study that revealed 48% of Democrats consider social media important for understanding and keeping up with political news; compared with just 34% of Republicans. What are your thoughts? How important do you consider social media to be for political discussion and voting?

Study: Sweden is best at using Internet via CNN
Grattis to our Swedish readers- Sweden has been voted as the best country in the world when it comes to using the internet! The first-of-its-kind-report, named The Web Index, was pioneered by Tim Berners-Lee  (who is considered as the inventor of the World Wide Web) and ranked 61 countries across seven categories. The United States came in at second place due to a smaller percentage of American users being online compared to Sweden. Click here to find out where your country ranks!

Top Tips

5 Golden Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success via SmartBloggerz
New to affiliate marketing or struggling to reap the benefits on your site? Check out this great article by  Harshit Singhai where he shares his 5 golden tips to successful affiliate marketing. The most important tip? Building trust with your readers- undoubtedly you are going to face competition with other sites promoting the same products but your readers will choose the person they trust the most.

7 Effective Tips to Differentiate Your Blog and Make it Unique via HellBound Bloggers
As this article points out, as of 2012, there are almost 200 million blogs on the world wide web. So how can you make yours stand out? Erik Emanuelli reveals 7 simple but effective tips to help differentiate your blog from the rest. Our favourite tip is one inspired by TV producers- ‘Divide a Story into Episodes’. Breaking down a long article into a series will give them a reason to come back to your site, nice and easy!

4 Facebook Plugins to Drive More Traffic to Your Content via Social Media Examiner
Are you aware of the ‘Recommendations Bar’, the newest plugin on Facebook? If not then be sure to check out this article from Social Media Examiner which details exactly how to use this plugin along with some older ones to help you drive more traffic to your content.

FullyFollow Let’s People Follow You With A Single URL via The Blog Herald
A quick bonus tip- make it easier for your readers to follow you on your social media by using FullyFollow. This handy little app allows the user to click one button in order to follow you on each of your social media, speeding up the process of getting more followers- hooray!


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