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Make The Most Of Mobile During The Holidays

Posted 2 years ago by Skimlinks

Last year for the first time more than half of all Black Friday online shopping traffic came from mobile and 36% of online sales came from smartphones and tablets (Newsweek, December 2015). That’s in line with our own network where 34% of conversions came from tablets and smartphones. Missing out on mobile is not an option — more and more people are using them, especially millennials where 4 in 10prefer to engage with their phone over another human being.

Here’s our top tips to take advantage of mobile during the holidays:

– Write content that works well on mobile: generally speaking this means shorter posts that get to the point. Check the Performance section of Publisher Hub to figure out whether shorter or longer form content works better for you

-Use Publisher Insights to understand what content is most popular with your readers, so you can make sure you’re creating captivating commerce-related content that will resonate with them

-Install our Editor Toolbar Google Chrome extension and create short shareable links which can help you generate money from mobile. If you need help using it, check out our walkthrough of how to use the Editor Toolbar here

So there you have it: three easy ways to better optimize your content for mobile.

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