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Lesser known May ecommerce opportunities and how to monetize content around them

Posted 8 months ago by Skimlinks

It’s the fifth month of the year, when you can see summer on the horizon and start to banish the winter blues. And on first glance ecommerce opportunities in May, besides mighty Mother’s Day, are few and far between. But for savvy publishers on the scene, there’s plenty of ecommerce opportunities to pick from. Whether it’s a major media event or a niche national celebration day, there’s a way to work the events to your advantage and monetize your content. So we’ve put together five lesser known ecommerce opportunities we think publishers should be aware of and use as content ideas in May.

May the fourth be with you

It’s a multi-billion dollar film franchise, with multiple merchandise wings and manifest opportunities for publishers to create compelling commerce-related content. And Star Wars is so successful, it now has its own international celebration day on May 4, courtesy of legions of devoted fans. So whether you want to write a post about the perfect gifts for a Star Wars fan, think about fashion from a galaxy far, far away or Death Star inspired homewares, there’s a lot you can write about here.

Did somebody say sleepover?

Whether it means marshmallows sat on a mattress in a sleeping bag, or cocktails and a charcuterie board, sleepovers are still on the scene. And National Sleepover Day takes place on May 9, when publishers have a perfect opportunity to monetize content. This really could take any form from a post on the best sleeping bags, to cute pyjamas to wear, cocktail recipes or ideal things to get for a kid’s sleepover party. Whichever avenue you go down, you can be sure it’ll lead to success.

Eurovision Song Contest, Global Ecommerce Opportunity

The Eurovision Song Contest is a pan-European singing competition held annually and broadcast to an audience of 200 million people around the world. Countries from all over Europe (and beyond) compete to have their song named the best original composition in Europe. And that unsurprisingly makes it a ripe opportunity for commerce content creation. Whether you’re writing about the music involved, or ideas for a party focused on the contest, or thinking about fashion inspired by it, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of the opportunity.


Global warming is a real problem and across all walks of life people are thinking about alternative forms of wheeled-transport. Enter the bicycle. Around for decades, underused, under-appreciated and now firmly back in the spotlight. And it’s in part being propelled by cycle to work schemes and now there’s a day for it too: National Bike To Work Day. Come May 18 people will take to the streets and say sayonara to the subway. So it’s an ideal time to create cycling focused commerce content. Whether you write about bike pumps, or apparel, or bikes themselves it’s a great way to monetize content.

Summer clothing

So the last thing on our list is not a specific day or timed event. But it is a product category that starts to trend upwards massively in terms of clicks and sales from May. And that is summer clothing. Every day should be summer clothing day in May. Stores start stocking their new seasons, people start planning vacations and that combines in a huge upswing in summer clothing sales. So get ahead of the crowd, get your content prepped around whichever persona matters and monetize that content. Simple!

So there you have our five lesser known ecommerce opportunities in May. It’s a great month to monetize content and make the most of some more original opportunities. You can check out our public merchant pages to find brands and products to feature in your content in May.

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