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Last minute content ideas for the holidays

Posted 8 months ago by Angus

Black Friday may be behind us, Cyber Monday may have drawn to a close, but the holiday season isn’t even halfway through and there’s still plenty of ecommerce opportunities for savvy content creators to take advantage of. So whether you’re a writer, editor, or blogger we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration from our five fantastic festive ideas for the holiday season ahead.

1. Write around last shipping day

There’s a significant spike in our network every year between December 12th-15th. This is when retailers and merchants in the US especially, but the UK too, close the delivery window for Christmas. Afterwards parcels aren’t guaranteed to arrive in time for the big day, and may arrive after it, causing a thousand and one holiday nightmares to come true. That makes it a prime time to publish last minute gift advice for panicked shoppers, keen for product information and advice before making the purchases that will make or break a successful holiday season for them and their family.

2. Or write after last shipping day…

Because ‘Tis the season for self-gifting and since millennials came on the scene self-gifting has gone stratospheric. And when you aren’t buying for others, you don’t really care when products arrive, especially if you got a good deal on them. So taking advantage of the value for money on offer from merchants and retailers, you can create content that specifically targets self-gifters and enables them to make the most of the most wonderful time of the year too. Self-gifters will keep shopping well after the cut-off date for delivery and are a good way to earn revenue in the days winding down towards Christmas Day.

3. Manic Monday

Traditionally the first Monday in December, Manic Monday is an opportunity for shoppers to beat the later holiday rush and get shopping out of the way. In recent years, it’s become an opportunity to purchase items shoppers failed to take during Cyber Weekend and this year looks set to be no different. It’s a particularly good time to push gift guides, as people look to complete present buying for loved ones and for convenience above all else.

4. Last minute shoppers

Some people will be looking for shopping inspiration very late into the season. These people want gift guides that make their life easier, so if you can show them how to get all the gifts for all the people they care about, and do it easily, you could earn significant revenues. Think about gift guides focused around individuals in the family for an easy content formula to replicate and capitalise upon.

5. Just because Christmas is over it doesn’t mean the holiday season has to be

The UK and US both have post holiday season sales that publishers should take advantage of to really make the most of the moment. Boxing Day in the UK, and New Year’s Day in the US, offer distinct purchasing opportunities to capitalize upon. While they are dwarfed in ecommerce terms by the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’re still valuable opportunities to create content for.

So go pick out some merchants= and get writing. With these ideas you can make a success of the season from start to finish.

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