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Join the Skimlinks Referral Program now!

Posted 8 months ago by Angus

We want 2017 to be your best year working with us, which is why you need to sign up for our referral program now. You’ll be helping your friends make revenue from the awesome content they’re creating and you’ll get a cut of the commission we make from them for their first year with Skimlinks too.

So how do you go about it?

1) Login to your Skimlinks Publisher Hub account, go to the toolbox tab and click on the referral program tab. Once there sign up to the program by agreeing to our terms of service and clicking the “Join the Program” button.

2) Once you’re enrolled all you need do is start promoting us! Just add a link to our signup page to your website, and as long as you have our Javascript code installed on your website, we’ll be able to automatically track anyone that signs up from your link as a referral.

3) If you want to bring referrals from social, all you need to do is create a link to our signup page and we’ll be able to track it too. To create one go to your Publisher Hub account, click on the tools tab in toolbox and then click on the URL shortener. Paste in the signup URL, as you would with a merchant link, and you’ll be able to share it as a shortened referral link across your Facebook and Twitter streams.

4) As soon as your referral has signed up and been approved, you’ll be eligible to receive 35% of the commission Skimlinks earns with that publisher in their first year in our network. You can see how that adds up if you refer multiple people!

And that’s all there is to it.

So sign up now and get referring: We know we have a great year ahead together!

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