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Introducing The By Product Report

Posted 4 years ago by Skimlinks

Publishers want to understand their performance, so they can optimize their content monetization strategy and we want to help.

That’s why we constantly explore and investigate the information we can offer about the affiliate links you add to your commerce content, in order to provide granular insights into your performance.

Our latest addition to the Publisher Hub is the “By Product” report which surfaces information about the products your readers’ have actually bought from clicking through your commerce content.

That means you’ll be able to see:

– The specific products people are buying

– What quantity the products are bought in and which brand they’re bought from

– And, where a reader clicks on your link to a product, but goes on to buy a different product on that retailer’s website too

The report shows “product bought” information from three major affiliate networks – CJ Affiliate, AWIN and LinkShare – and with it, we’re confident you’ll be able to better understand the performance of your content when you link to products, and which products or categories are most popular among your audience, in turn inspiring future content creation.

The report is accessible through the Performance Tab of the Publisher Hub. You’ll be able to see products purchased from advertisers in the above three networks listed by date, the SKU (a unique identifier number specific to the merchant’s website that allows someone to look up a specific product on the merchant site), quantity, order value and actual end revenue too.

With this report, we are confident you’ll be able to further optimize your content monetization strategy and create even better commerce content for your audience.

You can access your Product Report here.

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